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Employer Ohtani Gakuen

1. Self Introduction

I’m Scott Rosnick, from the USA.  I’m a middle-aged man with the hobbies of a man 10 years younger. I like movies and video games, and I especially like collecting music on CDs.  So, maybe not “10 years younger” so much as “10 years ago.”

2. Why did you decide to join Yokohama Hayato Junior & Senior High School?

Roughly speaking, the main reason I came to Yokohama Hayato was that I had just finished a graduate program in teaching, and Yokohama Hayato, unlike a lot of “English teaching” jobs offered a position teaching rather than a job as an assistant, or as a drone running a pre-made program.

3. What do you enjoy the most about your position?

I know it’s trite for a teacher to say it, but I enjoy interacting with, learning from, and teaching my students, no matter whether it’s simple human-to-human contact, or them telling me more about how their world is different from mine, or seeing the lights go on behind their eyes when they finally understand something that I’m working on.

4. What are some of the challenges you face?

This is also, I’m sure, pretty trite, but there is an awful lot to do.  And no matter how carefully I prioritize, things still come up that need to get done.  Balancing and juggling the different work is the most significant challenge.  Aside from that, there’s the difficulty of preparing lesson plans and materials that a variety of different teachers all agree will “work” in their classrooms, in their styles, and with their students

5. Please tell us more about the Kokusaigoka program.

The Kokusaigoka (International Language Course or ILC) is a kind of school within a school.  Simply put, it’s a program centered on the humanities (almost excluding math and science), with a special focus on English.  Because there are only about 100 students in each grade, they all get to know each other very well.  Most of the teachers associated with a particular grade level soon get to know most, if not all, of the students in that grade. Put in the most positive terms, we like to say it’s a kind of “ILC family.”  Like all high schools everywhere,  students are varied, but in some ways, I think the ILC draws from a slightly wider curve… outliers are more common if that makes any sense.  

6. Do you have a message for the candidates that hope to work with you?

It’s certainly not the only school, but still one of few schools where you can join the Japanese educational system unfiltered and unfettered.  If you have felt you’re being held at arm’s length from what and how the local teachers are teaching, we have a good job for you.  If you’re already neck-deep in Japanese education and are looking for a new job, we have a great position for you!

Introducing Yokohama Hayato Junior and Senior High School

Yokohama Hayato Junior and Senior High School
Yokohama Hayato Junior and Senior High School is a part of the Ohtani Gakuen Group. Otani Gakuen started in 1947 with the opening of Yokohama Dressmaker Jogakuin. The school was approved in 1945, and Ohtani Gakuen currently operates one vocational school, three high schools, one junior high school, and two kindergartens. Approximately 3,000 students are studying under the founding spirit of "becoming a necessary and trusted person."

Academic ability
In addition to basic knowledge and skills, we develop the ability to think critically and deeply and to utilize the knowledge and attitude of learning by ourselves toward goals. In addition, we nurture people through language activities such as discussions and presentations so that they can assert themselves while respecting the values and opinions of others.

By looking deeply at ourselves and recognizing each other's differences, we can develop an attitude of dealing with others with compassion and develop communication skills that are valued in the international community. We also foster an attitude of thinking about coexistence with the natural environment.

Keeping your body healthy is essential for your well-being. Our school fosters a self-motivated attitude toward health through adequate exercise and nutritional education. We also place a great deal of value on mental health so that students can safely learn and grow in a positive school environment.

Principal Junzo Yoshino's Message:
At our school, academic ability, coexistence, and health are the three pillars, and "human education" is the most important issue. Compassion for others, environmental friendliness, a broad perspective without discrimination or prejudice, and the courage to overcome difficulties are the keys to opening the door to a new era. Based on the school motto, "Become a necessary and trusted person," I sincerely hope that all of us will expand our possibilities to new heights.

Introducing the International Language Course

International Language Course (ILC)
The International Language Course has two learning objectives. First, to develop the ability to use English proficiently as a lingua franca. The second is to develop Global Literacy and broaden students' international perspectives. These two skills are essential for students to be active not only in Japan but also in the rest of the world in the future.

■ English Proficiency 
English is not something to be "learned" but to be used and harnessed. ILC faculty members believe that if a language is used to communicate one's intentions to others, it is the ability to use it that is important. For this reason, the ILC has established a unique curriculum to help students acquire English language skills that can be used internationally. The program nurtures students who can present themselves to the world.

 ■ Global Literacy
The world is full of diverse values. The ILC believes that in order to develop the ability to live in such a divergent world, it is important to get out of the classroom and actually see and experience it. The program fosters students who can look at the world with a broad view and can live their life in their own unique way.


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