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The Waseda Vision 150, the University’s vision for 2032 which marks the 150th anniversary of its founding, describes the kind of knowledge that our students will gain and the kind of educational and research environment that they will interact with. It also outlines the ideal framework and research environment for the University and describes how our graduates will play an active role in the world as leaders or citizens who support their communities for the benefit of the world, society, and people. We also present a picture of how the university executes its university management model in order to achieve these visions.

Vision 1:
Students of the Highest Caliber and Character Who Show Promise in Being Able to Contribute to the World
Vision 2: Research That Will Ultimately Contribute to Real World Peace and Happiness in Human Society
Vision 3: Graduates Who Will Contribute to the Public Good as Global Leaders
Vision 4: A University That Earns the Trust of the World and Constantly Upholds the Spirit of Reform to Continuously Evolve

In addition to studying, Waseda University has many places where students can shine, such as various events and club activities.

Waseda Festival is one of the largest school festivals in Japan. At Waseda University, the large school festival is held with about 200,000 visitors every year. Among the various club activities, the Soukei match (Waseda vs. Keio match) of Tokyo Big6 Baseball League, which started in 1903, is a particularly exciting event. In addition, there are many seasonal events such as a welcome event for new students.
Waseda University also has various initiatives and attractions. It is the mission of the Office of Information & Public Relations to take this appeal and deliver it to the world.

Global Point

Waseda University adopted the Waseda Goes Global Plan in the 2014 Top Global University Project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. The objective of the Waseda Goes Global Plan is to produce 100,000 global leaders within 10 years and rank among the world’s top 100 universities in 18 research areas within 10 years. We are aiming to achieve these two goals by taking the following actions:

1. Develop education and research programs to solve global challenges and innovate the future
2. Globalize education and research programs
3. Fundamentally reform the faculty recruitment system and university governance

Since its founding, Waseda University has been advocating the development of human resources who can contribute to the world as a global leader, and the Waseda Ocean concept aims to "continue to be a university where Waseda University leads the world while contributing to it."

Until 2019, around 8,000 international students were enrolled throughout the year, and around 4,000 international students study abroad at Waseda University on various programs under the instruction of excellent teachers from all over the world. 
The number of overseas partner universities has reached 526, and we are working to promote the global expansion of Waseda University with bases in Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa.

From Interviewer's Eyes

Interview with staff currently working in the Office of Information & Public Relations

・ Reason for wanting to work at Waseda University and the Office of Information & Public Relations
I used to work as a university employee in my previous job, but I decided to join Waseda because I wanted to work at a larger scale university to take on bigger challenges and develop my skills further.

・What is a typical day like in the office?
The work flow is a little different every day. However, each member has their own duties, and in my case, one of my main tasks is to manage SNS schedules and the University's English homepage. In addition, other departments ask for English checks or translation work, so there are many situations where you can make the most of your language skills.

・ What is something essential for working as a university employee at a Japanese university?
There are many important things to be aware of, but Japanese communication skills, both spoken and written (email) is extremely important.

・ What is rewarding about your job?
I don't personally have study abroad experience in Japan, but I am happy that I can help be a bridge for international students to learn about and hopeful come to Waseda University to study. This is the most rewarding part of the job for me.

・ Message to applicants
Working at a university is often difficult due to a lot of systems, programs, and technical terms specific to universities, but it is an environment where it is easy to ask for help if you need it. Team work is valued, so everyone wants to help out!

What We're Proud ofWASEDA University, Waseda Campus (4K Drone View)

Drone videos over Waseda and Toyama Campus

The Waseda University Office of Information & Public Relations is waiting for your application!

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