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[Many foreign engineers are enrolled] We are looking for people who want to improve their skills and acquire new technologies!

What We're Proud ofI value the feeling of "I want to do it"

[Company structure]

Since the current development work is dominated by the development of social infrastructure, this is a field that will develop further in the future.

To utilize this foundation and work with engineers around the world,
The big point is not only the technical ability but also how to solve the communication of words.
If this point can be resolved quickly, ADI will take a leap forward. For example, creating an excellent translation system.

Taking advantage of your experience and wisdom to appeal your desire to do it and seizing business opportunities will lead to your own growth, and your rewards and position will rise.

JobExcellent growth! There is a great opportunity to develop your skill set.

[Japanese career model]

If you join the company as a programmer with 3 years of experience, you will be asked to play an active role as a project leader in 2 years, considering your development skills and personality, and experience project scheduling and personnel management.

After that, when I became able to communicate with customers, I experienced a large-scale project leader, and when I became able to manage the income and expenditure of the project, I was appointed as a manager .

In order to become a manager or higher, you need the ability to think and execute a business plan,
I emphasize the Challenge spirit because my experience and motivation speak for themselves.
Up to the manager, we will work according to the company policy and gain experience, but for managers and above, Challenge is important.



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