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Employer PVP Inc.

Top MessagePVP is such a company!

【Create new value without being bound by any discrimination or unconscious prejudice,
We aim to be a company that is useful to the public】

〜Values we cherish〜

Respect for a wide variety of values
About 60% of our employees are foreign nationals. Therefore, there are various cultures, values, and ways of thinking.
Because of this kind of environment, it is important to understand and respect each other's values.

Understanding each other without being bound by “unconscious bias”
Human beings may unconsciously have biased ways of seeing and perceiving things.
This is called "unconscious bias".
Unconscious bias unconsciously hurts and tortures the other person.
At PBB, we do not discriminate based on age or gender, and place importance on understanding each other and helping each other by making the best use of our strengths.

have your own opinion and tell
I always have interests and doubts about things around me, and as I absorb new knowledge and information, I have my own opinions and ideas, and I place importance on communicating them properly in words, rather than whether they are right or wrong. increase.

Think “How can I do it?” and keep trying
Instead of giving up if you can't do it, it's important to think about how you can do it and keep trying. Even if you make an effort, you may not get results or you may not know what to do. If so, just say "I don't know". The members around you will definitely help you.

What We're Proud ofHere is the appealing point of PVP!

<Members from about 26 countries around the world are active>
About 60% of our employees are foreign nationals, and members from about 26 countries around the world are active.
Since we have employees of various nationalities, we eliminate discrimination based on nationality, age, and gender.
It is important to understand each other's cultures and values, and to be considerate and respectful of each other.
The company's official language is English, but the staff members teach each other not only English and Japanese, but also other languages!

<Monthly average overtime is about 5 hours>
Overtime work must be approved by the manager in advance.
Team leaders and managers aim to eliminate overtime by managing the amount of work and progress.
As a recent result, 90% of our employees have overtime hours of 1.5 hours or less per week.
We value work-life balance as well as ON and OFF during business hours.

<There is a track record of taking childcare leave not only for women but also for men>
In addition to maternity and childcare leave for women, we also encourage men to take childcare leave.
Recently, we have a track record of approval for taking three months of childcare leave for men, and we are working to flexibly respond to the period and timing of childcare leave.

Education/TrainingWe will support your growth even after joining the company!

Post-entrance support system
After joining the company, first of all, we ask them to participate in our company's orientation, and we tell them about the company's rules and policies, and what PVP values.
After that, we will ask you to meet with the team members, and we will tell you about the atmosphere of the company and the specific future training and work flow. Upon completion, you will be trained in the necessary support skills.

When you actually participate in a project, there is training to deepen your product knowledge about hardware and cloud applications, and basic training for performing support work.

After being assigned to the team, you will receive more specific points and rules for customer service, shadowing with the team leader, and technical training from senior engineers.
Although there are individual differences, it takes an average of 6 months after joining the company to be able to respond to customers on your own.

In addition to other team staff, there are also group chats with senior staff, team leaders, and managers, so if you have any questions or problems, you can ask your friends right away!

In-house training
We have introduced language lessons in Japanese and English, as well as online training.
We have Japanese and English instructors in the company, so you can take lessons for 30 minutes a day during business hours.
There are also web trainings where you can take any programming language you want to learn. Even after joining the company, you can aim to improve your skills. We will support your ambitions and challenges!

Would you like to work with us?

Members of various nationalities belong, and we are inspired by new values and ways of thinking every day.
It is an environment where you can feel compassion for each other and enhance each other.

Those who are even slightly interested or would like to hear a little more
We are looking forward to your application from "View Job Information" here!
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