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Top MessageTRUST FOR AN OPEN SOCEITY – Trust in an open society (= security)

Penta Security Systems is working to build an information infrastructure for people with peace of mind, trust, and an open society by utilizing advanced and practical information security technology in an era where all people and things are connected. is.

Since its founding, it has been constantly investing in research and development in anticipation of the need for future IT security, and now it has obtained many technology patents, starting with Web systems, databases, authentication systems, IoT, blocks. We are developing businesses to build and put into practical use the security infrastructure required for all next-generation situations, such as chains, connected cars, smart cities, and smart factories.

Strategy/ProductsCloudbric: A cloud-based service that protects against cyber attacks!

The cloud-based WAF service developed by Cloud Brick, which was spun off as an in-house venture organization of Penta Security Systems Inc., constitutes a high-level security barrier with a simple introduction method. This secures the websites of many Japanese companies that are exposed to constant cyber attacks 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Web services are indispensable to daily life in modern society such as business and shopping. Cloudbric is also useful in daily life so that such Web users can use the service safely and securely.

JobColleagues responsible for the safety of the next-generation information society

IT security will be an indispensable element in every aspect of the safety and security of the information society in the future. Through the Internet, countries and individuals are connected across national borders, and in the future, we are entering an era in which all things are connected. To build this next-generation security foundation, our colleagues in Penta Security technology are also collaborating across borders to develop products, solutions, and businesses in a variety of countries. In addition, the research and development department, which accounts for 60% of our employees, is also working with many female engineers and programmers to develop products with advanced IT technology.

Global PointA new era of security solutions for global expansion

AutoCrypt, a company spun off from Penta Security and independent of AutoCrypt, provides automobile security solutions and outcrypts in anticipation of the connected car era in which traveling vehicles are connected to each other. We are conducting a social experiment. In addition, we are expanding our activities globally, such as in partnership with EU countries and participation in OECD international conferences, in order to comply with future standard standards due to technological advances and changes in the times.
* AutoCrypt was selected as "Forbes Asia 100 to Watch, 2021" in recognition of such aggressive global expansion.

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