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Employer Shopify Inc.

Looking for Bilingual Customer Service Specialists to join our team!

Top MessageShopify Support - "We're applying to you!"

Let's make commerce better for everyone‼

"The first Shopify store was our own."
More than a decade agowe started an online store to sell snowboard equipment directly to those who loved the sport as much as us.
We could have listed our products on a number of marketplaces,
but we wanted to own our brand and build relationships with our customers,
along with selling our goods.
Such a tool didn’t exist, so we built it for ourselves.
We soon realized a number of other stores were in need of a hassle-free platform to build their retail business,and Shopify was born.
Since then, it's been our mission to make commerce better for everyone.
We focus on making commerce better for everyone,
so businesses can focus on what they do best: building and selling their products.
Today, our merchants use our platform to manage every aspect of their business
— from products to orders to customers, selling online, in retail stores, and on the go.
The opportunity to shape the future of independent business ownership is in our hands.

Benefits/Environment"Life at Shopify"

Support keeps our merchants, products, and people going strong.
With the freedom to explore, experiment, and solve real problems, you'll never stop learning with this team.

"Wherever you are, your next journey starts here"

Shopify has always been a massive experiment:
A place where you can unleash your curiosity, your passion for craft, and your drive to solve hard problems surrounded by friends.
We’re hiring in all corners of Canada and around the world, to design the future together - a future that is Digital by default.

"What this means for you"

■We can hire you (almost) anywhere
If Shopify has an entity where you are legally entitled to work we can employ you directly.
In all other countries, we may be able to hire you as a contractor.

■An Internet allowance to set you up for success

So you can focus on making commerce better for everyone, and not frozen screens and delayed audio.

■Time zone proximity over physical proximity
You can work from wherever you call home and connect when the sun’s up for everyone on your team.

■People first
A human-centered experience that recognizes your uniqueness and unique needs within the context of building a company that sees the next century.

■Core hours not commuting hours
Skip the energy draining commute and channel your energy into the core hours when you’re at your most creative.

■A Shopify community to support you, teach you, and learn with you
While we’re growing fast, we’re connected and committed to one another, and to make commerce better for everyone, everywhere.

- Message -
“Educational degrees alone aren’t important to me. Instead, I want to know about the problems people have solved.”
- By Solmaz Shahalizadeh, VP of Data Science and Engineering at Shopify

What I’m more interested in from candidates is curiosity, and the technical skills to follow that curiosity.

The benefit of focusing on potential over education is that we end up with amazing people who rise and shine given the right structure and opportunities.
It’s gratifying to see people grow into their roles.
We’ve taken a chance on people that haven’t worked out,
but hiring people from various backgrounds who think differently and bring a fresh perspective to the team is never a bad idea.

I’m grateful for the problems I get to solve at Shopify every day.
I have so many ideas in my notepad, hypotheses I want to check in the data to see if they hold.
There’s never been a day without questions I want to answer; questions that help solve a problem for our merchants or Shopify.

 “Commerce is such a fascinating world,and we’ve only just scratched the surface.
Every single domain we’re working on has a rich portfolio of problems to solve.
The entire universe is a curiosity to us.”

“Ideas come from everyone
— from our most senior leadership to our 18-year-old Dev Degree interns.”
- By Jean-Michel Lemieux, Chief Technology Officer at Shopify

As much as it’s important to be self-motivated to learn, a sense of community is important too.
Every person in the company needs to be moving in the same direction in order for us to make progress.
One of the best ways we’ve been able to keep this forward momentum is by coming together for collective learning.
We kick off every year with Shopify Summit,
an internal conference for the entire company to discuss what we want to achieve in the year ahead.
Recently, we launched an additional event called RnD Summit
where our research and development organization comes together to talk about how we’re going to achieve those things.
Ideas come from everyone — from our most senior leadership to our 18-year-old Dev Degree interns who are completing their education in a work-integrated learning program we’ve pioneered over the last few years.

We’re at a point now where we’re big enough to tackle really large problems,
but small enough that we haven’t figured them all out yet. Not by a long shot.
If you’re a builder at heart;
if you want to take all of your life experiences and apply them to a blank canvas with some really powerful tools at your disposal,
Shopify is the sweet spot for you. 


We hire people, not resumes
"The Life Story" is our conversation-style interview approach. It's how we get to know you, what motivates you, and where we can support your growth.

1. Apply

Select 1–2 roles that you believe are the best fit for yourself and your career.
Don’t forget to check the requirements before you submit, as each role may have different ones.

2. Initial call

Depending on the role, we may set up a 15–30 minute phone or virtual conversation with a recruiter or hiring manager,
where you can ask questions and tell us what you’re interested in.
Get the intel on who you’ll meet and technical tests.
We’ll also use this information to help explore other roles that may be a better fit.

3. The Life Story

A one hour, conversation-style interview with a recruiter.
The best way to prep is to spend some time thinking about experiences that have been formative to the point you’re at today.
A word of advice from more introverted folks at Shopify:
This part can be as personal as you want it to be.
Get technical, if that's where your passions live.

4. Meet the team

You’ll meet with 3–5 future co-workers for up to an hour each.
Depending on the role, we may ask how you’d solve a problem and communicate it to the team.
Learn more about our R&D, case studies, or the team you’ll be meeting.

5. Decision

Your hiring team will take the time to meet before getting back to you.
This will be made based on feedback from Shopify team members of varying levels of seniority, experiences, and perspectives.

Designed to help us get to know you 

You're more than just the accomplishments on your resume.
The Life Story interview is a two-sided conversation where we'll cover your professional and personal experience so far.
You can expect us to ask questions that touch on these five topics.


Do you make things better not only for yourself, but for those around you?


Do you have the skills or potential to do the job you’re applying for?


Are you able to communicate authentically and do you have a history of building high trust with others?


Do you have a high degree of care for what you do in work and in life?


Do you have an understanding of your strengths and also how you impact those around you?

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