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Benefits/EnvironmentPrepare a working environment

View from Shinjuku office

Health management
We believe that maintaining a healthy work-life balance for employees will contribute to improving business performance, and we support the healthy working environment and lifestyles of employees in order to improve their performance.

Family Appreciation Day
It is an opportunity to deepen understanding of the company by inviting family members such as spouses and children who support employees to the company, visiting the office, and communicating with their direct supervisors. I will.

hug-kumi committee
This project is chaired by the president with the aim of supporting women's work styles, childcare, and improving the work-life balance of all employees. Committee members are made up of candidates.

360 ° multi-survey
This is an evaluation system that allows all employees to evaluate anyone regardless of the year. Evaluation items are set for each job qualification set by the company, and each item is quantified and the boss interviews for evaluation feedback.

Flextime system
We are creating an environment where we can achieve greater results by relaxing the restrictions on working hours and choosing from a variety of work styles.

Global PointVarious global initiatives

Employee trip to Hawaii

Global summit
This event is attended by employees from overseas bases (US, South Korea, China, Japan) that carry out the same business. Held once a year, future policies are shared and MVP awards for active employees are held.

Established overseas base
We are launching overseas bases as our services expand overseas and existing clients expand overseas. In addition, when a foreign employee working in Japan returns to his / her home country, he / she can be transferred to an overseas branch office, and a global U-turn is also held.

It is a system that allows you to go on a trip depending on the budget achievement status every six months or every year. It is stated in the Code of Conduct that all employees are highly motivated not only to achieve individual goals but also to achieve company-wide goals, and we expect that all employees will have a sense of management. It has been.

What We're Proud ofGlobal Business Division Culture

Surprise birthday party

A collection of individual personalities
It is a unique and advanced environment with a mixture of 50% male and 50% gender, diverse nationalities, religions, ages and cultures. While the cultures and customs of each country are different, we try to create a place where we can sympathize with each other by blending better things.
Anyway, it is full of energy, everyone is cheerful and lively, and there is a family-like atmosphere where you can help each other.

Powerful work and private life!
In order to solve customers' problems, we not only face our work with all our might, but also have a wide variety of powerful and diverse ways of spending company events and private life. Many employees take long vacations, spend time with their families in their home countries, and study new languages and qualifications. We respect each other's values and on / off.

Enjoy change with friends
Due to the corona wreck, there was a time to work from home for a long time and respond to an unprecedented environment, but we responded quickly to such changes, and the team is working as one to achieve better results than before the corona wreck. ..
We have created a virtuous cycle environment where you can enjoy change while connecting with your friends and continue to produce results, such as online lunch parties, exercise planning, and study sessions.

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