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Employer KATANI co.,ltd.

Top MessageIntroducing Katani Sangyo


It all started 120 years ago in Kanazawa, a Japanese town famous for its production of golden leaf. This is where Jikichiro Katani started manufacturing metal leaf which will later evolve into Katani Sangyo, a company with 6 offices in Japan and 7 offices abroad, expanding to the world.

Katani started business as a traditional gold leaf manufacturer and has used its world-class gold leaf technology to create a new world of gold leaf that meets the needs of today’s society.

Ever since 1959, when we developed metallic vapor deposited foil using synthetic resin film, we have been receiving orders from companies in all kinds of sectors, such as home appliances, automobiles, building materials, printing, cosmetics, textiles and crafts. We will maintain our pioneer spirit and continue to make proposals that meet the needs of our customers.

From Interviewer's EyesWorking at Katani

Employee Interview
We had the chance to talk with a member of the Overseas sales department to ask about her work, experience, and the Katani company atmosphere. She joined the company 3 years ago. She majored in Culture Studies at university, volunteered in Cambodia and studied abroad in New Zealand and Australia.

Please tell us about how you joined Katani and your current work?

 “I first learned about Katani when I volunteered in Kanazawa. I thought it was very interesting that they have more than 120 years-long tradition of working with gold foil and also adjusted their services to fit the needs of today’s market.  

I wanted to work in a global place and use my language skills so I have decided to apply. I currently work mainly with our clients in China, answering inquiries and making proposals to new clients."

What were you able to learn working at Katani?

“I mostly work with clients in China but occasionally I take care of clients from India as well. This helped me improve my English skills and also learn a lot about Indian Culture. We also have a few employees from foreign countries so we can learn about each other’s culture and create a friendly atmosphere."

What is the atmosphere like at Katani?

“AT HOME! Everyone is very kind so I can always go to my colleagues or managers if I need advice. We truly are like a family. The mangers are strict in the times that they need to but also kind. They taught me a lot and in general, I feel like Katani is a great place to work.”

What do you feel are the most attractive points of Katani?

“All of it! Our business started with traditional gold leaf manufacturing and developed into a variety of products.
You can see our stamping foil, metal leaf and yarn used in products all around you, for example in cosmetics, or electronics.
When I see our products being used I always feel very proud of my company!"

What kind of people would you like to work with?

"Someone bright that would fit in our company atmosphere.
As there is a lot of business trips it would be a great position for anyone who would like to use their language skills and likes to travel."

What We're Proud ofGreat atmosphere and opportunities to travel!


Company atmosphere
The atmosphere at our office is very friendly and open. You can always turn to your colleagues and supervisors in case you need any advice. We encourage everyone to take the initiative and share their ideas!

Corporate philosophy
"Through the development of our business, we contribute to the happiness of our employees, as well as to the development of the local community."

Company trips
We organize company trips every year. For our 120th anniversary, all of the employees came together and we visited Cebu Island!
The company trip was cancelled for 3 years, but resumed this year! This year we plan to go to Okinawa!

Business travel 
The currently open Overseas Sales position includes the task of visiting our clients in Europe a number of times during the year.  

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