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Feature Article

Employer Travelience Inc.

◆ Support the best tour experience by utilizing your English skills ◆

-Travelience values-



I want many people to travel more and be happier



Create a new travel style


Value & Promise


〇Learning every day and continuing to realize growth
〇Continuing to challenge and achieve high goals
〇Being full of motivation and enjoying work



〇Fast speed, meet deadlines, stick to quality
〇Think logically based on data
〇Aim to be the global No. 1



〇Listen to the opinions of others
〇Take all the teams as your own and have a sense of responsibility
〇Share your knowledge
〇Professionals are mutually enhancing each other

Strategy / Products -Travelience Services-

We are proud of this! -Travelience's "Challenging"-

~ Creating a new travel style ~

-Telling the charm of "travel" to many people-

▼ "Charm" to work in Travel ▼

〇 Commitment to service

・ Data driven! Pursuing quality by making full use of data and logic
〇Various color members & organizations
・ There is no hierarchical relationship! Flat corporate culture
・ Official languages are English and Japanese! A workplace where you can naturally acquire English proficiency

〇 Lots of chances! Environment where you can grow

・ Great work discretion! Work that even young people can challenge
・ If you have the ability, you will be promoted / raised more and more
・ Environment where you can grow with "professionalism" and "ownership"

Corporate PR -Travelience landscape-

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