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For more than half a century, The Kahala has been much loved by many guests from around the world, including world leaders and celebrities. The superlative hospitality that has given The Kahala an unwavering status as a hotel of global prestige will combine with a modern aesthetic to bring a new style of omotenashi.

What We're Proud ofWhat makes working at Resorttrust hotels special?

What is it like to work at Resorttrust?

・What matters more than skills is a heart full of gratitude towards our colleagues
With more than 41 hotels in Japan and abroad, we are a leading company in the membership hotel business. It is truly a blessing to be able to see a new kind of service created from each of our employees’ original ideas.

・The joy of spending special time with the guests
We share all the information about our guests with our team members. This allows us to prepare the room just as the guests like it, prepare special table settings for left-handed guests and create special cocktails in our bar and lounge, that would match the guests’ personality. It is up to you to create a unique customized experience for the guest and enjoy their reaction.

・An exquisite welfare system
We do not only create a comfortable environment for our guests but also for our employees. Starting with fully covered overtime hours (of which the average is only 20.8hours/month *as per 2021), we offer 120 days off per year, pay raises, bonuses, accommodation support, and other perks. To be able to fully enjoy your work, we want you to have a fulfilling private life as well.

JobA few words from our employees

Voices of our employees

“We once got a call from a gentleman in his 20’s saying: “I would like to propose to my girlfriend.” We have communicated with the guest for about 1 month before their stay and prepared special décor for the room including balloon art and towel art. All the staff worked together and carried out the surprise. The proposal was a huge success and the guest told us: “I would definitely like to have the wedding ceremony here as well”, with a smile on his face. We were very happy that our guests chose our hotel and we were able to celebrate this special day with them.”

"I was working at an Italian restaurant for 20 years and then finally transferred to the hotel industry, which was my dream for a long time. What surprised me was that all the chefs had strong personal preferences. They all think about how they can make delicious and creative meals. The same applies to the service staff. From how you talk to the guests, present the menu, what kind of paper and font is used on the menu – you get to decide even the smallest details. In the stability of a big organization, you can work while putting all your experiences into good use."

Top MessageCreating a strong TEAM!


"Our motto is TEAM. This to us does not mean simple teamwork, but consists of more individual values: THANKFUL, ENGAGED, AMBITIOUS and MOTIVATED. The customers, our colleagues, business partners – They are all our guests. We will do our very best together with all of the members possessing various skills, to ensure the satisfaction of our guests and to create a TEAM that can enjoy this sort of environment."

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