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Updated 2020-08-11
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[Machine learning/statistics] Data analyst (leader class)
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Company Name Company is not publicly visible
Job Type
IT (PC, Web, Unix) - Database SE
IT (Other) - Communication Software Development
IT (Mainframe) - Application SE
Industry Electronics, Components, and Semiconductor Manufacturing
Location Asia Japan Tokyo Shinjuku

Job Description [Application background]

The company is applying the latest machine learning technology to the business as quickly as possible for data acquired through sensors from automobiles and smartphones as well as various "things", and contributes to increasing the corporate value of clients.
We are looking for a data analyst who can meet the enormous needs of analyzing information, which is an asset of a company, and providing solutions utilizing data.

[What is a data analyst? ]
It is a job to provide advanced services backed by specialized knowledge.
Client companies are expected to have not only data analysis skills and experience, but also human resources who have the ability to provide effective solutions from the perspective of client companies.
Many customer companies have data that cannot be exported.
In such a case, we may go to a customer company to perform data analysis work.

[Job description]
You will be in charge of overall analysis work at our company or client company office.
Business operations include understanding the data held by clients and reporting analysis results.

・Analytical design
・Data pre-processing and post-processing
・Analytical work using mathematical statistics and machine learning
・Implementation of analysis flow using Python, R, SQL and other programming languages
・Member analysis review
・Report creation/presentation
・General support for clients

~Example of case~
The company has a track record of projects in a wide variety of industries.
・Vehicle identification and structure identification (vehicle) from in-vehicle camera video using deep learning
・Calculation of optimal processing conditions in the manufacturing process using multiple regression, random forest, etc. (machine/material)
・Traveler's behavior pattern analysis and visualization using hidden Markov model, time series, etc. (information/communication)
・Reduction of catalog volume and maintenance of sales (retail/distribution) using association, multiple regression analysis, etc.

・Analysis target industry, variety of data
-Analysis method used: classical mathematical statistical model-latest deep learning
-Analysis target: Text (numerical value, character), image, video, voice, GPS log, time series data

・Participation in advanced analysis projects
-Joint research and development towards monocular depth estimation and teachingless multi-joint robots.

・Sharing knowledge among excellent data scientists
-Always hold in-house study sessions 2-3 times a week. It is permitted to hold and participate during business hours.
Company Info ■ Language
・Python, SQL, R, etc.

■Analysis environment tool
・AWS (Redshift, EC2, S3, SNS, CloudFront, EMR, DataPipeline, Lambda, etc.)
・GCP (ComputeEngine, Cloud Storage, Bigquery, Datastore, Dataproc, Dataflow, etc.)
・Azure (VirtualMachines, Batch, Storage, MachineLearning, SQLDatabase, SQLDataWarehouse, etc.)

*You can select either iMac, MacBook Pro, or Windows PC as the machine.
* After joining the company, we will also lend IntelliJ IDEA licenses and purchase keyboards as needed.
Working Hours Flextime system
-Core time 10:00-16:00 (standard working hours 8 hours/day)
[Required skill]

Meet all of the following:
・Sophisticated mathematical knowledge that can understand each method of mathematical statistics and machine learning from the principle level
・Wide knowledge of mathematical statistics and machine learning (appropriate analysis method can be selected according to tasks and conditions)
・Implementation experience of Python or R
(You can implement the analysis flow from scratch, not just using the built-in functions)
・Basic business skills and communication skills

[Welcome skill]

・Mathematical ability to understand top conference papers in fields such as machine learning
・Implementation ability to understand the contents of the published source code for algorithms such as machine learning
・Multi-person implementation experience
・Consulting experience
・Domain knowledge in manufacturing industry, financial industry, etc.

[People seeking]

・ Those who are highly motivated to learn and collect information on data analysis techniques
・Person who can perform duties independently without limiting the scope
English Level None
Japanese Level None
Chinese Level None
Salary JPY - Japanese Yen JPY 8000K - JPY 12000K   
Other Salary
・Half year salary system
・Overtime and midnight labor allowance full payment
・Commuting allowance (up to 30,000 yen per month)
・Salary revision: twice a year
・Social insurance (health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance, industrial accident insurance)

・Book purchase system (no upper limit)
Purchase books necessary for business and knowledge acquisition at the company as a collection of the company
Support the growth of employees.

・Influenza vaccination assistance system (with regulations*)
We are subsidizing expenses for vaccination against influenza.

・Social support system (3,000 yen/month)
Supporting activation of communication between employees across departments

・Club activity support system
Partial subsidy for activities to maintain health and improve culture and education

・Employee holding society
 It is a system that allows you to purchase our shares for a fixed amount each month.
Incentives are also paid by the company.

・Support for participation in domestic and overseas conferences
Approximately 5 people per year to support participation in domestic and overseas academic conferences and conferences
We provide cost assistance.

・Conducting study sessions that invited experts
Once every three months, experts from various fields such as data science and management are
We are invited to hold study sessions for employees.

・Support for cloud usage
For personal use outside of work such as AWS and Azure for the purpose of improving technical capabilities
The cost is subsidized by the company.

・Provide snacks in the lounge
♪ Easy to eat sweets, fruits, finger foods, etc. every month
Provided in the in-house lounge space.

・Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Society
Recreation facilities, sports clubs, amusement facilities (Disney
・Land admission ticket assistance, etc. ・Auxiliary use of restaurants, etc.
(Sushi restaurants can be used at a fairly low price),
Additional payments such as lump-sum payments for childbirth will be provided.

・Promotion of condolence money
In case of employee's marriage or unhappiness, give congratulations or condolence money
I will pay.

・Provision of business environment
Arrange a PC according to the wishes of the person at the time of joining the company,
 Additions and changes are possible.

・Support for taking statistical tests
If you are going to take the second or higher level of the statistical test, you can pass or fail up to two times in each level
However, the company will bear all the examination fees.
(You can also rent textbooks and problem books)

・Employee referral system
Please introduce your acquaintance about recruitment of employees,
Reward will be paid when you join the company.
Holidays Holiday
Holiday: 125 days a year (Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, other special holidays) *2019 results
Paid leave: (1) Statutory annual leave 13 days to a maximum of 23 days after the half year after joining the company
2 company annual holidays 6 days a year

■ Maternity leave and childcare leave*
Childcare leave system: A system that allows the child to be extended up to the age of 3 in stages, the longest.
Reduced working hours for childcare: Reduced working hours per day until the child enters elementary school
It is a system that is possible (flexibly by consultation about 6 hours).

* In addition, there are other maternity and maternity leave systems as required by law.
More about the company-
Job Contract
Full-time employee
Trial period 3 months

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[Machine learning/statistics] Data analyst (leader class)