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Updated 2020-07-03
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Automotive, next-generation device VR embedded engineer
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This posting is managed by:
j Career Co.,Ltd. / 株式会社 j Career
Company Name Company is not publicly visible
Job Type
j Career Co.,Ltd. / 株式会社 j Career
IT (Embedded Software, Control Systems) - Programmer
IT (Embedded Software, Control Systems) - Software Architecture
IT (Embedded Software, Control Systems) - Project Manager
Location Asia Japan Tokyo

Job Description We will leave software development for aerospace and home appliances mainly for automobiles.
Wide range of projects including embedded software development, smartphone development, Web system development
* Languages used are C, C ++, C #, Java, Objective-C, SWIFT, PHP, Python, etc.

■ Specific project example
・ Research and development of automatic driving technology using VR / AR
・ EV model-based development
・ Development of web application and firmware for earthquake countermeasures
・ In-vehicle meter development
・ Embedded development of smartphone devices
・ Embedded development of industrial robots
・ Development of Android and iPhone applications
・ Development of embedded software for satellites and weather observation equipment
・ Operation management system for next-generation trains

・ Improve skills with high market value while working on upstream processes and cutting-edge projects
・ If you wish, you can improve your career such as PM and PL
・ You can acquire multiple skills while handling a wide range of projects
Company Info Attendance and occupancy rates are managed by employees, and overtime hours are adjusted so that no burden is imposed on employees. As a result, overtime hours per month are less than 20H. In addition, the New Year holidays, summer holidays, and GW can each take consecutive holidays around 9 days, so it is an environment where you can be active while refreshing. Because the opinions of engineers are fully reflected in the system and work style, the retention rate of employees is as high as 96%.
Working Hours 9: 00-18: 00
Experience in programming development

[Languages that can be used]
C, C ++, C #, Java, Objective-C, SWIFT, PHP, Python, etc.

[Those who are more welcome]
・ I want to be involved in development on site
・ I want to work long before retirement
・ I want to improve my management skills while training young people

[Experiences and skills that can be used]
You can utilize various experiences such as project leader, subleader, development, programming, evaluation, etc.
Those who want to make use of their skills, "want to be involved in development until retirement," and "are interested in fostering young people" are particularly welcomed. We will support you to proceed to the next stage firmly.
Japanese Level Fluent(JLPT Level 1 or N1)
Salary JPY - Japanese Yen JPY 4000K - JPY 6500K   
Other Salary
4 million yen-6.5 million yen
* Determined based on experience and skills
* Trial period: 3 months / Same conditions
* Rental / owned homes have a housing allowance (regulated)
* Overtime allowance is paid 100% as overtime allowance (average overtime is about 20H / month)

■ Annual income ■ (including overtime pay and bonuses)
4.2 million yen / 2 years after joining the company (20s)
6.02 million yen / 2nd year after joining (late 30s)
7.11 million yen / 5 years into the company (40s)

■ Bonus ■
Twice a year (June, December)
* Last year: average of 2.5 months
■ Once a year (April)
■ Bonus twice a year (June, December)
* Last year: average of 2.5 months
■ Equipped with social insurance ■ Commuting allowance (up to 50,000 yen) ■ Post allowance
■ Housing allowance (rent: 25,000 yen ■ Own: 10,000 yen)
■ Overtime allowance (100% payment) ■ Awards system ■ Retirement system ■ Assistance for attending correspondence courses
■ Congratulations to condolences ■ Various clubs ■ Resort hotel members
Holidays 120 120 days a year holiday! ≫
■ 2 days a week (Saturday and Sunday)
■ New Year holidays (around 9th)
■ Summer vacation (around 9 days)
■ GW (around 9 days)
* May differ depending on the project destination

Other ...
■ Paid leave
■ Congratulations
■ Special vacation
■ Maternity leave / childcare leave system (acquired)
Job Contract
Regular employee
Nearest Station [Work location details]
Working at Tokyo branch office or each project site in Kanto area
* Basically determined within your reach, reflecting your intentions
* If there is something that says "I want to do this job even if I move,"
You can arrange a company house and move in.
(Corporate housing is also subject to a housing allowance of 25,000 yen.

Tokyo branch: About 5 minutes on foot from JR Yamanote Line "Osaki" station

Please apply from here



j Career Co.,Ltd. / 株式会社 j Career

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Automotive, next-generation device VR embedded engineer