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Updated 2024-05-24
Activated 2024-05-07

[IT Infrastructure Engineer] Leader/specialist candidate / IT support work left to you / Engineer debut / No experience
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This posting is managed by: レバレジーズ株式会社/Leverages Co., Ltd.
Company Name Company is not publicly visible
Job Type
レバレジーズ株式会社/Leverages Co., Ltd.
IT (Hardware/Network) - Network Engineer
Industry IT - Other
Location Asia Japan Tokyo

Job Description [Upper limit of expected annual salary] 5,600,000
[Lower limit of expected annual salary] 3,430,000
[Raise] Once a year (average of 10,000 yen/month for the past 5 years. *The average of the Japan Business Federation in 2019 is 5,984 yen/month)
[Salary type] Monthly salary
[Bonus] Twice a year (June and December)
[Station 1] Seibu Shinjuku
[Job description] Starts with about one month of training.

First, you will take business etiquette training for about one week.

After that, you will take three weeks of training to prepare for the CCNA exam, an introductory qualification for network engineers, or to acquire more advanced network knowledge, server operation work, and response skills.

There are also training sessions using actual equipment, e-learning, and training sessions using videos, so it is perfect for those who want to review in depth.

*Salary will be paid 100% during training.

■IT infrastructure engineer debut
We will decide which projects to participate in based on your future career path and aptitude.
First, you will learn the job and acquire skills by performing partial and routine IT support tasks (operation management, monitoring, etc.).

In particular, as a leader candidate (a replacement for the leader/sub-leader of an existing project) or a specialist candidate (a person who is expected to grow technically), you will be working on on-the-job training to improve your career and skills in 6 months to a year.

*This will vary depending on your IT skills, efforts and evaluations during training, so we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to a specific project.

<Specific work content>

・Design, build, operate, and maintain networks and servers

・Help desk...Support users with questions and problems regarding PCs and systems

・System operation...Manage and set accounts/addresses/authority required for users to use the system

・System maintenance...Replace equipment in the event of a problem and perform regular maintenance to ensure stable operation of the IT system

[Job characteristics] <Team to be assigned to>

・Technology Management Department, Technology Headquarters, Tokyo Headquarters

<Attractiveness of the position>

■Fair evaluation system regardless of age

Efforts and results are properly evaluated regardless of age, with section managers in their 30s also active.
There are two chances for promotion per year (with exams).
You can also challenge for a management position, so please tell us about your ideal career during the interview.

■Support for long-term career development
・Seraku Passion University
Our in-house training system. You can take about 60 qualification courses, including IT qualifications, bookkeeping, and TOEIC(R) tests.
・Qualification acquisition backup system
We will cover the costs and provide bonuses when you pass the qualifications (more than 360 types) certified in-house.

■Various career paths
We handle projects in a wide range of industries and technical fields.
In the future, you can envision a diverse career without being limited to a specific field.
You can also challenge new business areas such as CRM, data science, AI, and IoT as an infrastructure engineer, development engineer, or DX engineer.
Company Info Seraku Co., Ltd. started as an IT venture in 1987, involved in the creation of networks for PC communications. It then expanded into the Internet field and made great strides.

The company has been actively developing IT technology by replacing it with "unique, forward-thinking products and services."

Currently, the company's three main businesses are "IT infrastructure," "smart solutions," and "web management," and since 2013 has expanded into fields such as mobile communications and machine design.

With multiple core businesses based on a business model that is resistant to environmental changes, and with the blessing of excellent business partners, the company has achieved and continues to operate with virtually no debt.

In addition, in 2011, the company established a subsidiary in Shenyang, China, and began expanding its business globally.

Currently, in addition to its headquarters in Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo, the company has branches in Sapporo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya, and Yokohama, and offices in Sendai and Hiroshima, with over 1,000 employees providing services nationwide.

While the company has grown in size, its spirit remains the same as the IT venture it was when it was first established. It continues to develop its business with a strong spirit of challenge for new things.

<About the company culture>
■In-house open submission system for new services
We openly solicit ideas for new products, new services, and business ideas from all employees. Smartphone apps such as the smartphone app "Tempura Samurai" were also born from employees' ideas. Every year, when it is time to formulate business plans, many ideas are submitted, and commercialization and commercialization are considered at an overnight selection meeting.
We hold many in-house events, such as futsal, bowling, and beach volleyball for sports, and hiking, mountain climbing, and barbecue competitions for outdoor activities.
In addition to club activities run by volunteers, we regularly hold company-wide meetings and year-end parties, promoting active communication in an open company culture.
Salary JPY - Japanese Yen JPY 3000K - JPY 5500K   

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レバレジーズ株式会社/Leverages Co., Ltd.

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[IT Infrastructure Engineer] Leader/specialist candidate / IT support work left to you / Engineer debut / No experience