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Updated 2021-12-24
Activated 2021-10-01

☆ Annual salary 8 to 15 million! ☆ Global Digital Consultant
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  • Manager Level
  • Bonus System
  • More Than 120 Days off per Year
  • New Year's Holidays
  • Five Days Workweek
  • Language Skills
  • English Language Skills
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  • Global Company
  • Experience Welcome
  • Overseas Applications Welcome
This posting is managed by: Meiko Network Japan Co.,Ltd.
Company Name Company is not publicly visible
Job Type
Meiko Network Japan Co.,Ltd.
Planning/Marketing/PR - Digital/Web/SNS Marketing
Consulting - IT System Consulting
Planning/Marketing/PR - E-commerce Marketing
Industry Publishing/Advertising/Printing/Broadcasting
Location Asia Japan Tokyo Minato

Job Description ■ Business content
Trends of consumers in overseas countries
Identify and client in each country
Business and marketing digital
Consulting transformation
Please ting.

・ Issues created by changes in society and consumers
Client business transformation for solution
We will support planning and execution.
・ Clients in various industries
Focusing on digital and marketing areas
DX (Digital Transformation)
Customer experience design, service development,
Marketing through advanced utilization of data
Business consulting and execution of transformation
It is a business to support.
・ IT consulting for internal and external organizations and companies,
Engineer, data scientist,
Marketing, EC, media,
Collaboration with creative staff
Through this, we will promote the project.
・ For overseas clients regarding the above operations
Confronting and collaborating with overseas base staff
I will do it.

■ Scheduled to be assigned
CMP Promotion Bureau
[Growth / environment that can be provided]
For those who have experience in digital business
Widely set the frontage, our global
Cry as a core member in
Promote digital reform and DX of Ant
You will grow by doing so. member
For the leader, for the leader, for the leader
Build a career as a manager
It is feasible.
Company Info ☆ Attractive point ☆
◎ Annual salary 8 to 15 million!
Utilizing your own language skills, your own
Skill up is also possible! Enrichment of holidays, etc.
"Treasure the time between people who work together"
We are promoting the development of a climate called.
◎ People with various backgrounds
Our company accepts! For each company
There is a unique culture, by all means
It will be easier for homogeneous human resources to gather.
However, we accept diverse human resources and accept them.
Each ability is our value, and
Converted to value provided to clients

◎ Message from senior employees
People aiming to change jobs by hiring a career
Those who have various achievements and experience so far
I think. Not only successful achievements
These achievements, including the achievements that failed
What kind of value will be given to the client
How will it be utilized in the services we provide?
I would like you to think about it.
And, what you thought about in the actual work
I want you to take on the challenge.

■ Business content
1. Newspapers, magazines, radio, television, inter
Net, outdoor media, etc.
Advertising, sales promotion and
Handling of public relations
2. Design management of outdoor advertisements, exhibitions, information decorations, etc.
3. Design of construction work for advertising, public relations, etc.
Management and construction
4. Advertising research (market research, market analysis,
Advertising research)
5. Publication and sale of books and periodicals
6. Planning, composition and implementation of events and entertainment
7. Planning and production of audio and video software,
Manufacture, sale, rental
8. Other business incidental to each of the preceding items

■ Recruitment background
To strengthen departments and systems

Working Hours Professional work type discretionary labor system
└Deemed working hours per day: 8 hours
└ Scheduled working hours 7 hours, break 60 minutes
└ Standard working hours: 9: 30 ~ 17: 30
[Required experience / skills (MUST)]
■ Foreign language, either English or Chinese
communication ability

■ Those who have any of the following experiences / skills
・ Digital domain consulting,
Practical experience related to digital marketing
・ Logical thinking, leadership, presentation
Tation power, facilitation power
・ To achieve the purpose of the project
Management skills, communication

[Desirable experience / skills (WANT)]
■ Those who have any of the following experiences / skills
・ Problem setting from data analysis and understanding of the current situation,
Hypothesis building skills
・ Digital domain consulting,
Solution proposal ability
・ Marketing area and technology
High interest in the digital media area and
・ Corporate DX (Digital Transformation)
Work experience
・ Experience in EC and CRM area
・ Study abroad experience, overseas business experience

[Personal image you want]
・ For our consumer ideas and partnerism
Empathize and as a client business
Can act professionally
・ Digital and DX, which are evolving day by day at home and abroad
Learn the changes in technology and feel free
Inspire and promote business and personal growth
・ Smooth with clients and team members
Through communication, people and work
Have a belief to move

■ Selection process
Document screening-WEB aptitude test-Interview (1-2 times)
~ Final interview / face-to-face assumption
* WEB interviews will be possible until the end, so
Please contact us.
* People living overseas can also be selected.
English Level Business Conversation Level (TOEIC 735-860)
Japanese Level Fluent(JLPT Level 1 or N1)
Chinese Level Business Conversation Level
Salary JPY - Japanese Yen JPY 8000K - JPY 15000K   
Other Salary
■ Salary
Annual income 8 million yen to 15 million yen
・ Annual salary system (12 divisions)
└ Basic salary 320,000-840,000 yen / month
└ Discretionary allowance 198,882-280,000 yen / month
(Including overtime allowance in accordance with work regulations)
└ Bonus (performance-linked: once a year, June)
Is included in the above annual income

■ Benefits
・ Payment of actual transportation expenses
・ Various social insurance (employment insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance,
Complete with welfare pension, health insurance, etc.)
・ Free vacation system
5 consecutive business days at your favorite timing
With a free vacation system that allows you to take vacations
There is something called.
Known internally as "Furibaka"
It is a popular system that is being used.
9 consecutive holidays including Saturdays and Sundays, and holidays are also good
In total, 10 consecutive holidays and 11 consecutive holidays
Moreover, since you can take it twice a year, you can double the fun.
Become. Free to take, client
Obtained for each team according to the holidays
While coordinating operations within the team
Depending on the person, you can get it in order
Holidays ・ 125 days a year
└ Complete weekly two-day system (Saturdays and Sundays), holidays
└ Year-end and New Year holidays (December 29-January 3)
·paid holiday
└ 12 days after 6 months of joining the company
└ Maximum number of days granted 25 days
└ Granted from the date of joining the company / Set individually according to the month of joining the company
·special holidays
(Free vacation twice a year: 5 consecutive business days
・ Condolence leave, maternity leave / childcare leave, nursing care leave,
Other systems

◎ Not only legal compliance, but also team strength
Improving employee creativity
For a date, "between people who work together"
Fostering a culture of "valuing time"
We are proceeding.

◎ At least one day a month, annual paid leave on weekdays
Acquire and secure time as a consumer
"Plastic holiday".
And 11 hours or more from the end of business to the start
By freeing up, you will be in good physical and mental condition
Two rules called "interval 11"
I decided.

◎ Furthermore, there are more human resources with different grains than with a complete set.
"Freedom" and "independently" creativity
To demonstrate tees and create value
The meeting will be held until 7:00 pm, after that
Individually think of ideas and charge
"Slash 7" aiming to secure time for.
After 10 pm on weekdays and on weekends
Refrain from unnecessary and urgent contact and request for reply
Aiming to reduce mental load
Two manners called "Silent 10"
We are enlightening.

◎ These two rules and two manners
First of all, creativity
To maintain and improve the overflowing human resources
We will work on it company-wide.
Job Contract
■ Employment form
full-time employee
Trial period: Yes
(5 months, working conditions during the trial period: no change)

Please apply from here



Meiko Network Japan Co.,Ltd.

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☆ Annual salary 8 to 15 million! ☆ Global Digital Consultant