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Company Information

Recruiter United World Inc

Company Name United World Inc
Country of Company HQ Japan
Location of Company Japan
Company Intro
United World Inc. is a company that connects global human resources and companies.
United World Inc. specializes in introducing global jobs in Japan, to those ranging from new graduates to senior professionals.

[Industries / occupations we deal with]
We deal with a wide range of industries and occupations, such as IT, manufacturing, consulting, finance, medical / pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical energy / infrastructure, IT engineer, consulting, overseas sales, marketing, accounting / We handle a wide range of fields such as finance, legal affairs, personnel affairs, and purchasing.

What we do
"Continuing providing services that customers really need"
We will continue our efforts in providing a professional service to job seekers and companies alike; and also strive to improve our service counting on clients and applicants' feedback.
We provide Japanese language classes, business etiquette training, recruitment events, translations, English inquiry agency services, etc., centered on the human resources introduction service business that connects global talent to global-minded companies.

Vision / Mission
"A world where anyone can work anywhere"
There are still many people who want to work but cannot. Even talented and motivated people are restricted in finding a job due to differences in language, place of residence, and nationality.
In addition, in the world, many people cannot even find a job and support their families despite having qualifications.
Although we cannot solve all these miss-matches and unfortunate facts, through our service we strive, day by day, to give our contribution make people around the world happy.
We don't promise there will always be a job for a job seeker, but we guarantee we will always do our best to help.


For job seekers

Recruitment Service
Introducing the best job for you
There are still many difficulties for foreigners in finding a job in Japan.
Many jobs require high Japanese proficiency, but United World Inc. is trying to introduce jobs that do not require Japanese proficiency.
Also, in a work environment where only Japanese people are involved, foreigners may feel alienated.
United World Inc. has already hired foreigners and is working to introduce companies that foreigners understand and vice-versa.

Career Consulting
Foreign consultants, who have lived in Japan for a long time and are familiar with job hunting activities in Japan, will support job seekers.

Best Support for Job hunting
Job hunting in Japan is unique compared to that in overseas.
Depending on the time of year, companies might not be hiring while others might have year-round hiring; some might ask for a Japanese resume and work history instead of simple (English) resume, while others not.
United World Inc. will provide consistent support to navigate around these kind of intricacies, until joining a company, including support for creating Japanese resumes, interview preparation, negotiation of conditions after a job offer, and follow-up after joining the company.

For employers

Recruitment Service
[Introducing global human resources from all over the world]
United World Inc. introduces Japanese companies to global talent, including highly-skilled foreign talent.
We introduce bilingual Japanese people and foreigners who already live in Japan and wish to work in Japan for a long time.
Even if you are hiring a foreigner for the first time, we will support you from introduction to joining the company.

Result Reward and Refund Policy
[Complete performance compensation system and refund policy]
Since it is a complete performance reward method, we will introduce as many people as you like for free with the obligation to pay only when hiring is decided/accepted.
For transparency sake, we will conclude a contract (no additional cost).
If the person whom we introduce leaves within an agreed timeframe, we also have a refund system.

[We strive to be the best recruiting company]
Skilled staff will support you.
For about 20~an hour (depending on your disponibility), a seasoned career advisor will have a very casual talk with you to discuss your expectations. When needed (mostly for those new to Japan), we also give guidance on working in Japan and such.
In addition, for those who are hired, staff who are familiar with hiring foreigners will support you. We will support even those who are hiring foreigners for the first time, such as creating attractive job offers, gathering job seekers, good interview methods and making offers.

[Great pool of potential applicants]
In addition to bilingual Japanese, or registrants include “nationally funded international students” who have passed strict examinations by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and are studying at graduate schools; those already working for Japanese companies and research institutes and have advanced knowledge and skills; those with highly advanced skills, among others.

[Example of professionals we introduce]
IT engineers
AI engineers who are good at machine learning and deep learning, experienced backends, frontends, serverside, infrastructure engineers, etc., mainly for tech venture companies aiming to raise funds and list We are introducing.

Business side
We introduce trilingual people who are fluent in Japanese, English, and their mother tongue in overseas sales and business development marketing.

Research and Development
We introduce postdoctoral fellows at research institutes and universities as R & D in the fields of biotechnology, healthcare, life sciences, and chemistry.

Other occupations
We also introduce a wide range of other professionals and occupations such as interpreting, clerical work, accounting, etc. if there is a customer's request.
Industry Employment Agency
Location 305-0044
2-11-24, Namiki, Tsukubashi, Ibraki
President Masaru Asahi
Year of Establishment 2019
Capital 5,000,000
Number of Employees 10
Description of Business Recruitment business focusing on global talent.
License Number 13-ユ-311499
URL https://www.unitedworld.jp/
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United World Inc

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