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Company Name 株式会社ジャフプラザ/J&F Plaza Co., Ltd.
Country of Company HQ Japan
Location of Company Japan
Company Intro
Industry Real Estate/Property Management/Facility Management
Location 東京都渋谷区道玄坂2-23-14 道玄坂225ビル8F
President 荻野 政男
Year of Establishment 2000
Capital 1,000万円
Listed on N/A
Number of Employees 13
Description of Business 外国人専門不動産会社ならびに外国人専門人材紹介会社
Work Location
(Nearest Station)
License Number 13ーユー304357
URL http://www.jafnet.co.jp/plaza/jp/index.php
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株式会社ジャフプラザ/J&F Plaza Co., Ltd.

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