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Bringing the Flavors of Japan to the People of the World!

Global PointLetter from President

The expansion of the Japanese food industry has been incredible. Number of Japanese restaurants in the US in 2005 reached less than ten thousand, in 2010 the total had grown to over fourteen thousand. The latest count in early 2012 extended to over seventeen thousand, a true reflection of the industry’s strength and vast popularity.

Established in 1926, Mutual Trading has been importing and distributing Japanese food, sake, and commercial use kitchen equipment. We now carry over 6,000 items, all focused on developing the Japanese food service trade. We are focused on following our corporate mission, “Bringing the Flavors of Japan to the People of the World”. We aim to further expand genuine Japanese food culture to culinary professionals worldwide. Accomplishing product development breakthroughs and notable industry milestones, Mutual Trading has come to be known as the Ambassador of Japanese food to the world and a reputable purveyor by chefs of all cuisine types.

The Mutual Trading Company strives to provide the best quality products to all areas of the world. We have strong relationships with suppliers so we are always able to offer the most advanced and safe products. We wish you a world of culinary discoveries that are both inspirational and fun.

Kosei Yamamoto

President, New York Mutual Trading, Inc.




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