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HRSflow, the hot runner division of INglass Spa, provides engineering and consultancy services for plastics fabrication. The company supports the client from design onwards, providing advanced moulding solutions thanks to our many years of experience in lighting industry moulds. The HRSflow division designs and manufactures hot runners for all industries, including automotive, medical, caps and closures, packaging, cosmetics and any application requiring fast cycle times and excellent aesthetical quality of the part.
We are firmly committed to continuous improvement and we are always looking for stimulating challenges.
Our operating strategies and objectives are guided by our corporate values, which have always been central to our tradition:

COMMON SENSE, our compass
For HRSflow, common sense means evaluating, making decisions and acting rationally on the basis of our experience to ensure a positive outcome and minimise negative effects. Each of us is responsible for our own decisions; for listening to others and finding points of agreement, and acting in a balanced, sensible manner.

IMPROVE, our commitment
For HRSflow, continuous improvement means improving every day, continuously, and making sure we do not repeat yesterday's mistakes today. We believe in the capacity of all our staff, and set goals for ourselves which are achievable and, nonetheless, challenging and rewarding. Each of us is actively involved in projects and makes a concrete contribution to their final outcomes, thus feeling responsible for our actions.

EXCELLENCE, our passion
For HRSflow, excellence means doing things as well as we can, and continuously improving them. Each of us must take care of the details, to develop our actions in a self-critical spirit and to perfect our work.

FLEXIBILITY, our strength
For HRSflow, flexibility means giving people the possibility of managing their work independently, adapting it to the needs of the moment and the situation, while still working in the same direction and for the same objectives as others. In practice, this means being able to listen to the client and satisfy the specific requirements of each project in a pro-active, punctual manner.

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