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What We're Proud of世界No.1の保険ブランド

AXAは7年連続で保険ブランド世界No.1に評価されています。 ※インターブランド社「BEST GLOBAL BRANDS 2015」より

AXA is the number one insurance global brand and has been for 7 consecutive years. We are also the number one insurance company in global revenue and the 8th largest asset manager. We build partnerships with other top players (e.g. HSBC, ICBC, Mandiri, BNP Paribas). All together, we service over 103 million customers worldwide, in 64 countries. As a result, we enjoy international exposure and have the chance to work with multicultural teams. We also have local and regional mobility programs as well as diverse possibilities for international assignments.




Strategy/ProductsWhy choose AXA?

●Worldwide, we redefine standards to better care about people (employees, customers and communities).
●We are a leading global company in insurance and asset management.
●We create innovative products and better quality of service.
●We promote an open working environment.
●We provide challenging and empowering jobs with strong expertise and learning opportunities.