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Updated 2024-06-26
Activated 2024-06-26

[Manufacturing Engineer (Mechanical/Electrical)] Trainee recruitment / Inexperienced and those with no industry experience welcome / 125 days of annual leave / Bonus twice a year
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  • Recruiter
  • Staff Level
  • No Industry Experience Required
  • Bonus System
  • Maternity Leave/Childcare Leave
  • Less Than 20 Hours of Overtime
  • More Than 120 Days off per Year
  • New Year's Holidays
  • Major Company
  • No Specific Experience Required
This posting is managed by: UNLOCK DESIGN Inc.
Company Name Company is not publicly visible
Job Type IT (PC, Web, Unix) - Back-End Engineer
Industry Employment Agency
Location Asia Japan

Job Description [You can aim to become an engineer or engineer support position even if you have no experience]
You will be working as an engineer or support engineer in the development field of various industries such as automobiles, home appliances, semiconductors, IT, pharmaceuticals, and chemical materials.

◎About training at the time of joining
At Nikken Total Sourcing, we have opened training facilities nationwide as specialized facilities for technical training and education, and are committed to human resource development.
We also provide more practical skill-up education to realize each employee's future plans.

<Immediately after joining the company>
Immediately after joining the company, you will take an average of two months of technical training at our own training facility.
In addition to acquiring business etiquette and basic engineering knowledge, you will be able to experience a full range of practical training, so even those with no experience can build a solid foundation.

We use three training facilities in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.
[Tokyo Engineer Training Center] Nikken Dai-ni Building, 7-8-3 Nishikamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo

[Nagoya Engineer Training Center] Taiko-dori 6-60, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi

[Kansai Techno Center] M.Y.K Building, 26-2 Honami-cho, Suita, Osaka

<Immediately after assignment>
As a supporter to engineers active in the development field of various industries, you will be assigned to tasks that are easy to tackle at first.

You will be assigned to positions with a thorough training system and a dedicated supporter will follow up.


- Support the [Design/Development] department, which considers what kind of product to make

- Support the [Experiment/Evaluation] department, which uses prototypes under development to check whether they work properly

- [Data collection/document creation work] such as specifications and procedures used at the development site, calculation of labor hours and parts costs, and collection and comparison of experimental data

- [Translation of instruction manuals into Japanese/English]

- Simple [Drawing/Drawing correction] using CAD

- [Material analysis] using SEM, etc.

- [Program creation] using C/Java, etc.

◎Start with the above tasks, and in the future you will be entrusted with more specialized tasks.
Company Info ■Business contracting business/Temporary staffing business/Recruitment business
Temporary staffing business license number: 13-060060
Paid employment placement business license number: 13-Yu-060049

<Major clients> *Titles omitted
Toyota Motors/Nissan Motors/Honda Motors/DNP/Renesas Electronics/Sony Semiconductor
Tokyo Electron/Fujisoft/Cybercom/Itochu Techno-Solutions/Yokogawa Solutions Services
Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical/Towa Pharmaceutical/Taiko Pharmaceutical/Santen Pharmaceutical, etc.

Since its founding, Nikken Total Sourcing Co., Ltd. has been a comprehensive human resources service company that has built a solid trust with many customers in the manufacturing industry, including automobiles, industrial machinery, home appliances, aerospace, semiconductors, communications, IT (cloud, apps, networks), medicine,
chemistry, bio, nursing care, and construction, through outsourcing "manufacturing".

Currently, the company has expanded its sales bases nationwide and is growing in a wide range of fields.

*Number of locations: 206 locations nationwide / Number of clients: Approximately 5,500 / Training facilities: 40 locations (As of April 2023)

[Attractiveness of the company/attractiveness of the job]

・With a track record of transactions with approximately 6,000 companies, you can achieve sustainable career development.

・The highlight is being involved in an important position in the development of the latest mechanical products of a major product manufacturer representing Japan.

・You can participate in large projects that involve not only the soft side but also the hard side, improving and broadening your skills.

□About the online company information session□
This is intended to encourage applications and foster motivation among potential technical trainees at our company.
Here is the schedule of upcoming web seminars.

June 1 (Sat) 10:30-11:30
June 5 (Wed) 19:00-20:00
June 15 (Sat) 10:30-11:30
June 19 (Wed) 19:00-20:00
June 29 (Sat) 10:30-11:30
July 6 (Sat) 10:30-11:30 0-11:30
・July 10th (Wed) 19:00-20:00
・July 20th (Sat) 10:30-11:30
・July 24th (Wed) 19:00-20:00
・August 3rd (Sat) 10:30-11:30
・August 7th (Wed) 19:00-20:00
・August 24th (Sat) 10:30-11:30
・August 28th (Wed) 19:00-20:00
・September 0 7th (Sat) 10:30-11:30
- September 11th (Wed) 19:00-20:00
- September 21st (Sat) 10:30-11:30
- September 25th (Wed) 19:00-20:00

Subsequent events are currently being arranged

■Information for those who wish to participate
Date and time: *Please participate by one of the above
Method: Use the web conferencing system
How: Access from the URL below
Person in charge: Human resources recruitment officer, Engineering Division, Nikken Total Sourcing Co., Ltd.

★Additional information★
- You can participate in the web system using the guest function even if you do not have an account.
(If you are using a smartphone, you may be asked to install an app.)

- You will be asked to enter your name when you join, but you can enter your last name only or initials, or any other expression that does not identify you.

- To stabilize the communication environment, please turn off your microphone and camera.

- Please enter the room and wait about 5 minutes before the start of the session. The explanation will start at the scheduled time. (You can take the entrance test at any time.)

- You can join in the middle of the session, but there may not be time for individual review.

- There will be time for questions, but we may not be able to answer all of them.

≪No emergency contact≫

The person in charge will be working as a presenter, so they will not be able to respond to emergency inquiries due to connection problems, etc.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we recommend that you consider participating in the next event.

Whether or not there are measures in place to protect against passive smoking: Measures in place

Regarding passive smoking: Non-smoking

Special notes: No smoking indoors
Working Hours 08:30~17:30

Monthly average overtime hours: 20 hours or less

*Working hours vary depending on the assigned project

*Monthly average overtime hours: 12.7 hours (company average)
People who are interested in the engineering field

[Preferred conditions]
・Experience in sales and customer service
・Work experience in the manufacturing industry
・Experience using PC tools such as Word/Excel/Access/Photoshop/Illustrator/CAD
・Language skills such as English
・Science background *Especially those who graduated from technical high school, technical college (mechanical and electrical engineering), or science and engineering university

\People like this are very welcome!/
・Want to improve their skills in a highly specialized occupation
・Want to utilize their hobby of plastic models, DIY, etc. in their work
・Want to acquire a trade
Japanese Level Fluent(JLPT Level 1 or N1)
Salary JPY - Japanese Yen JPY 3000K - JPY 3500K   
Other Salary
Expected annual salary: 3.2 million yen to 3.8 million yen
Monthly salary: 220,000 yen to 240,000 yen
Number of bonuses: 2 times
Bonus amount paid last year: 2 months' salary
Incentives: None

*University graduates: 230,000 yen per month, graduate school graduates: 240,000 yen per month, other educational backgrounds: 220,000 yen per month (starting salary)

[Salary increase] Once a year (April) *Assessed based on performance and skill evaluation Annual assessment
[Bonus] Twice a year (July and December) *First year performance is 2 months' salary

Social insurance, transportation allowance, housing allowance, company housing, qualification acquisition system, qualification allowance, position allowance, health check
Additional information: ■Commuting allowance *Regulations apply ■Company resort ■Member-based welfare service "Benefit Station" *Leisure, travel, sports, etc. can be used at discounted prices ■Dormitories and company housing (one-room dormitory monthly 37,000 yen / utility fees not included) *Company regulations apply ■Relocation subsidy (in case of assignment involving relocation) *No deposit required + No need to search for a house or go through complicated procedures ■E-learning system ■Qualification acquisition support system
Holidays Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Annual holidays: 125 days
Vacation system: Summer holidays, New Year's holidays, special holidays, Golden Week holidays, maternity leave, nursing care leave, paid leave
Additional information:
*Holidays are based on the calendar of the place of assignment
Job Contract
Full-time employment
Nearest Station Since the assignment will be decided during the training period, there is a possibility of transfers and relocations within the following areas.

1. Tohoku area

2. Kanto area

3. Hokuriku-Koshinetsu area

4. Tokai area

5. Kansai area

6. Chugoku-Shikoku area

7. Kyushu area

*It is not possible to limit to only commuting distance from home.

Working on-site at a client's office

Possibility of transfers: Yes

★Peace of mind with fully-equipped dormitories and company housing★

└Rented company housing system available nationwide!

└Company will cover 37,000 yen per month for one-room dormitories! (Company regulations apply)

Please apply from here




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[Manufacturing Engineer (Mechanical/Electrical)] Trainee recruitment / Inexperienced and those with no industry experience welcome / 125 days of annual leave / Bonus twice a year