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Updated 2024-06-12
Activated 2024-06-12

★Flex system★ Project manager who promotes DX using global cutting-edge technology.
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Company Name

Hitachi Ltd.

Job Type
Hitachi Ltd.
IT (PC, Web, Unix) - Project Manager
Industry Manufacturing - Other
Location Asia Japan Kanagawa Kawasaki
Asia Japan Tokyo Chiyoda
Job Description [Job summary]
You will understand GlobalLogic's digital engineering methods and management methods, facilitate them for customers in the Japanese market, and establish GlobalLogic Japan's management methods for digital engineering projects.
Additionally, I will be responsible for promoting the establishment of a professional human resources team at GlobalLogic Japan.
GlobalLogic Japan has four roles: architect, project manager, strategist, and designer, and project managers are expected to be responsible for multiple projects and coordinate project promotion while working with each role. Masu.

[Job details]
・Focus on customers' business issues and lead the way in realizing new services and businesses that customers want by applying DX.
・Adjust the contract terms and deliverables with the customer, carry out the necessary estimates while controlling the Japan on-site and global bases, and present them to the customer.
・As part of global resourcing based on the project scope, we will select the necessary delivery personnel on-site in Japan and at global locations, and build a project structure.
・As a member of GlobalLogic Japan, promote DX projects in cooperation with other key roles: lead strategist, lead designer, and architect.
- Collaborate with the global development team to understand and control customer expectations and provide results that meet customer needs and issues.
- Coordinating the team's work across project activities.
- Reporting to leadership and customers to meet expected deadlines, budgets, and scope.
・Plan, manage, and promote projects using GlobalLogic Japan's project management methods to ensure that the intended results are achieved.
・Involved in establishing a project manager organization at GlobalLogic Japan.

[Charm of the position, rewarding, and career path]
As an architect of digital engineering services that combines GlobalLogic's extensive DX experience and capabilities with Hitachi's customer base in the Japanese market and extensive system construction experience, we work together with client companies and partner companies. My job is to materialize digital transformation through collaborative creation.
It is very rewarding to be able to not only formulate a concept from an upstream technology perspective, but also to be involved in the realization of the concept based on GlobalLogic's DX track record and Hitachi's highly reliable track record in the Japanese market.
During the practical implementation, you will be able to share knowledge and gain work experience with engineers from around the world, including the United States, India, and Ukraine. Since the value that customers seek is diverse, we are able to experience and lead projects that utilize a variety of cutting-edge technologies.
I also find it very rewarding to be able to build up GlobalLogic Japan's professional human resources team and to build GlobalLogic Japan's digital engineering methods myself.
Company Info [Assigned organization name]
Digital Engineering Business Unit Application Service Division GLJapan Business Promotion Headquarters Project Promotion Department

[About the assigned organization (overview/mission)]
The mission of the GLJapan Business Promotion Headquarters is to promote the entry of GlobalLogic Japan, which was established in April 2022, into the Japanese market, promote DX for domestic customers, and contribute to establishing GlobalLogic Japan's presence in the Japanese market. That's what I mean.
- By collaborating strongly with US-based GlobalLogic, we will combine GlobalLogic's extensive DX experience and digital engineering capabilities with Hitachi's customer base in the Japanese market and extensive system construction experience. Developing the Japanese DX market
- Integrate the assets and capabilities of both GlobalLogic and the domestic Hitachi Group to promote business expansion for the Hitachi Group as a whole

[Businesses, services, products, etc. involved]
Demonstrates synergy with GlobalLogic to provide design-led digital engineering services for the Japanese DX market.

・Nojima Co., Ltd. collaborative creation case study
・Human resources articles
・Agile theme articles
・Hitachi Review discussion article
・Hitachi Review Paper Article
・Digital engineering commentary article
·news release
・Nojima Co., Ltd.
・Taisei Construction Co., Ltd.
・Aflac Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

[Working environment]
・Assigned organization/team:
- Number of people: around 50 people
- Age group: Late 20s to 40s
- Member types: We have human resources with various skills necessary for DX promotion, such as lead strategists, lead designers, architects, and project managers.
- Personality/Atmosphere: Be proactive about new things, take action immediately, not afraid of failure, lively exchange of opinions, communicate as an equal, willing to learn, enjoy working, flexible to change. I can handle it.
・Working style:
- Can work from home, come to work 0-3 times a week (depending on project status)
- There are many opportunities to collaborate with members working at global locations
- Possibility of overseas business trip to the US, India, etc.
- Teleconferences with the US, India, etc. may have to be held early in the morning or at night.
*The above information is current at the time of recruitment, and is subject to change as necessary after joining the company. Please note.

[Measures to prevent passive smoking]
Smoking is completely prohibited indoors or there is a separate indoor smoking area (varies depending on the business)
Working Hours 8:50-17:20 (7 hours and 45 minutes of actual work, 45 minutes of break)
・Persons with 5 or more years of experience in demonstrating leadership as a project manager or development lead
・Person who has experience in guiding a project from start to completion
・Those with experience in budget management, profitability, team management, stakeholder management, etc.
・Those who have communication skills in Japanese and English (TOEIC score around 700 points)

[Welcome conditions]
・Those who understand general technologies such as agile, programming languages, cloud, microservices, DevOps, etc.
・Those who have experience working as a developer during their career
・Those who have experience communicating with customer executives and making customer proposals through presentations
・You have experience motivating and improving collaboration among team members across multiple countries.

[What kind of person are you looking for] *Expected behavior, competencies, etc.
[Common to all occupations (Hitachi Group Core Competencies)]
・People Champion (make the most of each individual):
In order to make the most of diverse human resources, we will create a safe and secure workplace (inclusive workplace) where people can trust each other and maximize their performance, and support their active voice and growth.
・Customer & Society Focus (thinking from the perspective of customers and society):
View issues from society as a starting point, always remembering to act with integrity, and contribute to society by taking responsibility for results through collaborative creation with related parties inside and outside the company.
In order to create new value, we learn with passion, challenge the status quo, respond quickly, and accelerate innovation.

[Other job-specific]
■Dealing with complex situations
Analyze complex, voluminous, and sometimes contradictory information for efficient problem solving.
For example, consider complex problems from different angles, explore problems to uncover underlying issues and root causes, and identify key consequences and implications of different options.
■Performance of responsibilities
Be accountable to yourself and others for fulfilling your commitments (promises and responsibilities).
For example, strive to remain effective by tracking performance and learning from both successes and failures.
Has a reputation for being willing to take on new challenges or difficult tasks and delivering on promises.
Build partnerships and work with others to achieve common goals.
For example, encouraging colleagues and external partners to work together as a team and gaining their trust to do so.
Encourage people to share their honest views and respond openly to honest views.
■Coordination among related parties
Anticipate the needs of multiple stakeholders and ensure fairness.
For example, demonstrating a strong commitment to identifying all relevant issues and making decisions that provide the best possible outcomes for all key stakeholders.
 Engage effectively with multiple stakeholders and respond with fair and mutually beneficial solutions.
Take on new opportunities and take on difficult tasks with a sense of urgency, high execution skills, and enthusiasm.
For example, taking timely action on important or difficult issues.
 Identifies and pursues new opportunities that benefit the organization.

【Final Education】
University graduate or above
English Level Fluent (TOEIC 865-)
Japanese Level Fluent(JLPT Level 1 or N1)
Salary JPY - Japanese Yen JPY 8000K - JPY 9500K   
Other Salary
Fully equipped with social insurance
Full transportation allowance
Asset accumulation savings system
Employee stock ownership association [welfare benefits]
Commuting allowance: Full payment
Family allowance: No additional information
Housing allowance: Housing allowance system available
Dormitory company housing: Single dormitory and company housing available
Social insurance: Fully equipped with social insurance
Retirement benefit system: No supplementary information

<Other supplements>
pension system
cafeteria plan
Sports Facilities
general Hospital
Employee stock ownership association
Asset accumulation savings system
Childcare leave/work system
Nursing care leave/work system, etc.

<Education system/qualification assistance supplement>
Training for various levels, overseas operations, technical education, OA education, sales education, language education, correspondence education, technical proposal system
Holidays 127 days off per year (2023)
Complete five-day weekend system
24 days annual paid vacation
Annual paid leave during the trial period will be granted as follows, depending on the month of joining. Joining from April to December: 8 days, joining from January: 6 days, joining from February: 4 days, joining from March: 3 days

Summer vacation
annual paid leave
New Year holiday
Congratulatory and condolence leave
refreshing vacation
maternity leave
Childcare leave
Spouse maternity leave
Nursing care leave
family nursing leave

Job Contract
Full-time employment
*Trial period available (3 months from the date of joining)

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★Flex system★ Project manager who promotes DX using global cutting-edge technology.