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Updated 2023-11-29
Activated 2023-11-15

Overseas business trips available★No experience required [Overseas real estate sales/consultant] 125 days off per year
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  • Employer
  • Staff Level
  • More Than 120 Days off per Year
  • Five Days Workweek
  • Online Interview
  • Overseas Business
  • English Language Skills
  • International Transfer
  • Recent Graduates Welcome
  • Urgent Hiring
  • Overseas Business Trips
  • No Experience Required
Company Name


Job Type
Sales/AE - Foreign Trade Sales
Sales/AE - Construction/Real Estate Sales
Sales/AE - Private Sales
Industry Real Estate/Property Management/Facility Management
Location Asia Japan Tokyo

Job Description 【Business summary】
Our company is a real estate company headquartered in Japan with approximately 60,000 overseas real estate investment properties around the world.
We have staff with extensive real estate buying and selling experience in our local subsidiaries in various countries, including Southeast Asia.
Every day, we repeatedly conduct market research, interviews with local development companies, and on-site inspections.
We have a thorough understanding of properties that Japanese people can consider, and introduce properties that meet the needs of our customers.

[Business content]

■[Products for sale]
・Products: Overseas real estate (mainly Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, and Cambodia)
・Product price range: Mainly 10 million to 30 million yen per property.
・Product supplement: Many people purchase it for investment, and it is also sold for residential use.
As an authorized sales agent for major overseas developers, we handle hotel residences such as the Ritz-Carlton and Sheraton. We currently do business with about 12 countries. In the future, we plan to expand the area not only to Southeast Asia but also to the United States and other countries.

・Japanese people within Japan
・ Customer base: Managers, business owners, and wealthy people with an annual income of 30 million or more

■[Work flow]
・Full echo type
The marketing team attracts customers through advertising operations, seminars, and e-mail magazines.
"We receive about 1000 new inquiries in a busy month."

・Approach the lead list of inquiries and past inquiries and adjust business negotiations

・ Business negotiations (70% online, 30% offline)

・Regular follow-up by email, company LINE, or phone

・ Arrangement of local property inspection (only for those who need it)

・Arranging contract procedures

■[Sales target]
・There is no quota, but goals are set for teams and individuals.
・Achieved if there are about 2 deals per month
・In the case of a month with sales exceeding the target amount, achievement incentive + surplus amount × 1%
*Achievement: 6 sales people Second half of 2023 1 person achieved 6 consecutive months | 1 achieved 4 months | 2 achieved 3 months
・You can also aim for an annual incentive of around 1.5 million yen.

■ [How can I place an order?]
The customer base is a family group <Many are business owners and many are busy.
How much can we provide the customer's needs and the information they want to hear in a limited time for business negotiations like corporate sales?
The key is to earn the trust of our customers.
・Thorough first impression
・Input of overseas and Japanese property information and knowledge of the real estate market
・Customer information research before business negotiations
We are doing

■ [Process model where inexperienced people become one serving]]
Input on properties handled and basic real estate knowledge (about 1 week after joining)
Appointment acquisition lecture

Start of approach to obtain appointments

Opportunity rope play
Attend business negotiations with senior employees
Start business negotiations with a senior employee (1 to 2 months after joining the company)

Acquire basic knowledge and speaking skills,
You will be able to conclude a contract by having senior employees attend business negotiations (2 to 5 months after joining the company)

Become able to respond to irregular questions,
Be able to conclude business negotiations by yourself (3 to 6 months after joining the company)

You will be able to achieve sales while calculating backwards from your goals (4 to 7 months after joining the company)
We will be able to provide services and products that are not available in our company, and provide optimal services that meet customer needs through internal consultation and cooperation.

Through the above process, you will aim for ``sales that exceed customer expectations.''

・Since the customer base is a manager and the unit price of products is effective, your own perspective will be raised and you will acquire higher-grade sales skills.
・There are also opportunities for short-term overseas business trips, such as accompanying customers who wish to view properties.
(Basically, it is of course possible for members of overseas branches to work only in their own country.)
Company Info [Future business development]
Currently, we are mainly selling properties in Southeast Asia such as Cambodia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, but we plan to expand our business in order to expand our customer base and introduce real estate in Dubai, the United States, etc.

[Education system and environment after joining the company]
・Mentors and superiors will train one person at a time.
・Onboarding: input of real estate industry knowledge, property knowledge, etc. + rope pre-practice
・Daily MTG: One-on-one training for 1 to 2 months
・Stand alone standard: 3 months to 6 months

We are a workplace where all employees can work in harmony, regardless of company history, position, or age.
Most of them are inexperienced in the real estate industry.
The average age is 26 years old, giving a young and energetic atmosphere.
Male:female ratio: 6:4

■ [Elements you want to have in advance]
Mind side
・Honesty (don't lie to customers, the company, or yourself)
・Positive orientation (blaming others < blaming yourself. Even if you fail, you can use it as a springboard.)
・Requires motivation and action (Able to take action and take on challenges towards the ideal image one is aiming for.)
- Collaborativeness (Has the ability to have one's own opinion and communicate it. Can be genuinely happy about everyone's success.)

skill side
・Impression management of first impressions (We aim for uncompromising impression management because many of our customers are business professionals.)
・Communication skills (ability to listen, ability to answer questions logically and clearly)

■[Elements that can be improved after joining the company]
・High-level presentation skills
・Ability to discover issues
・Information gathering ability
・Inspiration and ideas
Working Hours 10:00-19:00
English Level Daily Conversation Level (TOEIC 475-730)
Japanese Level Native Level
Chinese Level None
Salary JPY - Japanese Yen JPY 4000K - JPY 6000K   
Other Salary
Fully equipped with social insurance
Full transportation allowance
education training

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Overseas business trips available★No experience required [Overseas real estate sales/consultant] 125 days off per year