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Ex-HR Director’s perspective : how to be a successful candidate at job interviews and reality check of foreign-capital companies

Before starting job search activities, you may want to know corporate culture of foreign-capital companies. Are they really performance-oriented, quick to fire and looking for candidates with high level of English? She will also explain tips to become a successful candidate based on her experience of interviewing more than 10,000 candidates.

Ms. Mikako Suzuki
President, AT Globe Corporation

She started her career in human resources at Japan GE, and later, after time at Morgan Stanley among others, served as the Head of Human Resources at DHL’s headquarters. While neither a returnee nor someone who has worked overseas, through her own efforts she was able to gain a TOEIC score of 960 and cultivate a successful career with foreign companies.
As a result of these experiences, she is skilled at analyzing and explaining in detail the “why” behind things. In addition to her work at Sejin Juku, she currently conducts corporate training on topics related to global communication, cross-cultural management, leadership, and organization analysis. She has interviewed more than 10,000 candidates in her HR career.

“Tell Me About Yourself: How to Use Critical Thinking and Storytelling to Get Your Next Job”

How do you stand out from other candidates when searching for a job? Learn how to combine critical thinking with storytelling to engage your audience and persuade your next employer that you are the perfect fit for the job. In this interactive session with GLOBIS University lecturer Darren Menabney you will learn how to:

- Make critical thinking work for you

- Ask the right questions

- Use stories to make your CV come alive

Mr. Darren Menabney
Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University Faculty Member - Critical & Analytical Skills

Darren has been a TEDx speaker and a storytelling and design-thinking coach with IDEO U.
He spent 20 years in Canada with the federal government, building R&D partnerships.
After getting his MBA at GLOBIS in 2013, he made a career pivot and now leads global HR programs at a Japanese MNC.
As a faculty member at GLOBIS, Darren teaches courses like Business Presentation and Critical Thinking.
He is also a contributor to Fastcompany.com, writing about storytelling and presentation skills.

Japan’s Specialist of Crosscultural Management in 18 Countries: “How Can Bilinguals Succeed at Japanese Global Firms?”

Japanese firms are equipped with distinct cultural power, opposite of western values.
To really succeed in Japanese firms, you must know how such ethics can bring you true happiness as social beings.
In this unique session, Kawatani uncovers dilemmas of Japanese firms wanting to go global, honne/tatemae of hiring foreigners, how to get YES from stubborn Japanese bosses and how foreign staff can shake up the Japanese firms!
If you are seeking deep down an alternative way of life and shine in Japan, come and spend 50 minutes with me!!

【Free Gifts Only at Kawatani Seminar!】
Only three "lucky" participants will be presented Mr. Kawatani's popular book "Winning Together at Japanese Companies"!
The book is written bilingual, fully colour-illustrated and filled with wisdom and tips to get you success at Japanese or for that matter any multicultural workplaces. Do come and get the special gift even before you land a job!

Mr. Takashi Kawatani
President, Diversity Management Institute Inc. Crosscultural Management Consultant.

Kawatani teaches crosscultural management, Japanese business ethics at corporations, government and graduate school in Asia, US and Europe. Lived in Asia for 17 years including ISIS Malaysia, a think-tank of Malaysian government. Besides corporate training, he is involved in executive coaching to top management of foreign firms in Japan and pre/post M&A cultural integration consulting of western firms acquiring Japanese firms. Authour of “Winning Together at Japanese Companies” and many others.