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The seminars below took place on February 16th, 2018.

Time Lecture Details Speaker

Career Seminar Way to work in international organizations

Some people intending to be active in the global field think to work in international organizations such as the United Nations. But the ways to become an international officer are not known in Japan. This is because work customs are quite different from those of Japan. We provide the information on how to prepare and gain work experience, especially the system of Junior Professional Officer.

Mr. Atsutoshi Hagino
Deputy Director, Recruitment Center for International Organizations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Served at Embassy of Japan in Romania for 7 years from 1995. After back to Tokyo, served at the Central and Eastern Europe Division, Consular Bureau and the present post at Ministry.

Key Success Factors: How to market yourself to win your next great job

Marketing ourselves is indispensable in achieving our goals in today’s competitive business environment. To stand out, you must deliver a message that highlights your strengths and unique qualities.

GLOBIS lecturer Karl O’Callaghan will draw upon his marketing knowledge to share practical advice on how to identify and convey your “key success factors” that will lead to a career upgrade.

Mr. Karl O'Callaghan
Lecturer, Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University
Mr. O'Callaghan has lived in four countries. He was born in the UK, spent time teaching in France and Russia, and came to Japan nearly twenty years ago. He joined Oxford University Press in Tokyo in 2004 and worked as a sales manager and marketing manager.
After obtaining his MBA from GLOBIS, he took on a wider role as Head of Marketing and Operations, UK Trade and Investment. In this role, Mr. O'Callaghan worked with UK and Japanese companies across all sectors in trying to enter new markets. In early 2016, making use of his extensive consulting and external trade experience, he started his own consultancy based in Hyogo Prefecture. Besides running his own company, he teaches Marketing and Strategy at GLOBIS.

The secret to constructing a powerful English resume

From my experience of conducting over 10,000 interviews, I feel the candidates do not understand the situation of the employer’s side. One must think of a strategy, to promote, and appeal using their resume to leave a good impression. For example, is your email address associated with you?

Another key factor is if the English resume is easy to read from the employer's point of view. Do not write the resume just for your own satisfaction, write it so the other party can read and understand the content in a short matter of time. What is “easy to understand?” I will speak in more details through this seminar.

[Exclusive for Seminar Participants] The Chance for a Free Consultation with Mikako Suzuki
Want to give your career a boost?
A limited opportunity for three seminar participants!
The lucky winners of this raffle will get a free one-on-one consultation with our seminar speaker Mikako Suzuki.

This is not your typical career consultation.
We will use the assessment tool Lumina, used by many world-class companies, so you can get the same counseling as at global enterprises.
In addition to your strengths and weaknesses, come to also know your own unconscious communication style by means of Lumina’s cutting-edge technology

You can learn more about Lumina at the following site:


If you are not chosen as a winner this time, you are still able to apply separately for counseling at the following site:


A career change is one of life’s major crossroads.
It’s about being aware of your real self and doing what you really desire.
We invite you to take the first step toward this journey at our seminar!

※Personalized consultations are given using the Web conferencing software Zoom. One click on the URL sent to you will automatically install Zoom, so no account registration is necessary. No advance preparation is needed.

[For the raffle winners]

Three winners will be selected by lottery from those in attendance at Mikako Suzuki’s seminar. They will be contacted at a later date, and asked to follow these steps:

1. Complete Lumina’s web survey prior to consultation. (Estimated time: 20 minutes)
2. Confirm results of survey.
3. Using these results, have a consultation session with Mikako Suzuki using Zoom web conferencing software. (Estimated time: one hour)

We look forward to your participation!

Ms. Mikako Suzuki
President, AT Globe Corporation
She started her career in human resources at Japan GE, and later, after time at Morgan Stanley among others, served as the Head of Human Resources at DHL’s headquarters. While neither a returnee nor someone who has worked overseas, through her own efforts she was able to gain a TOEIC score of 960 and cultivate a successful career with foreign companies. As a result of these experiences, she is skilled at analyzing and explaining in detail the “why” behind things. In addition to her work at Sejin Juku, she currently conducts corporate training on topics related to global communication, cross-cultural management, leadership, and organization analysis.