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ビジネス英語テクニック ビジネスメールの本文と結びの文の基本的な書き方(パート2)2015.04.07



In last week’s blog we looked at how to start a basic business email, so in this week’s blog, we will continue with the second part of the basic email writing blog: how to write the main body and end of an email.




Choosing how to write the body of an email largely depends on you and what you wish to communicate to your reader and, as such, there is no set way in which you should write; however we can see ways of writing below based on some common business functions:


Function 役割 Example Phrases 例文

Introducing yourself and your company


My name is (Satoshi Tokuhashi) and I work for (ABC Corporation) based in (Tokyo).

私は(徳橋 聡)という、(東京)を拠点とした(ABCコーポレーション)で働いている者です。

My name is (Satoru Tokuhashi) from (ABC Corporation).

私は(ABCコーポレーション)の(徳橋 聡)という者です。

Making a request


*   Could you please (send us the catalogue)?


** Would it be possible to (set up a meeting)?

** もしよろしければ(会議の日付を設定して)頂けませんか?

Giving information


* Just a quick email to let you know that (we will be relocating next month).


** I am writing to inform you that (we have

received your invoice …)



* Formal 丁寧な言い方

** Very formal とても丁寧な言い方




Remember to keep the main body of the email short and to the point to avoid confusion or miscommunication. Lengthy and overly-polite sentences don’t always mean the reader will understand what you want to say correctly!




As some people may be quite busy and unable to read the email in it’s entirety, it is sometimes helpful to highlight the main point of the email in black bold text or blue text; we should try to avoid using red as this suggests danger or aggression in some western countries.



結びの文や結語は、読み手との親密度の深さを表す場所として、ビジネスメールの中で最も重要な部分の一つです。もしも「yours sincerely(敬具)」で文章を締めた場合、読み手はあなたがこれからも正式な仕事上の付き合いを望んでいることを示し、それに対して「warm regards(よろしくお願いします)」などを使用した場合は、より親密で形式張らない感情を読み手に連想させます。下記に、丁寧な言い方(*****)からとても親密な言い方(*)までの結びの例文を順番通りに並べてみました。


Closing and signing-off are one of the most important aspects of the email as it is where you express the depth of familiarity you have with the reader. If we finish the email with ‘yours sincerely’, the reader know that you wish to keep things formal and professional whereas a sign-off like ‘warm regards’ suggests a closer and more comfortable feeling to the reader. Below we can see the ranking of casual sign-offs from polite (*****) to very familiar (*):


Function 役割 Example Phrases 例文

Prompting a reply


I look forward to your reply.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Inviting questions


If you have any questions, please let me know.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.



Formal sign-off


Yours sincerely, 敬具/頓首

Yours faithfully, 敬具/頓首

Casual sign-off


***** Kind regards,


****  Warm regards,


***    All the best, ではまた

**     Best, では

*      Thanks, よろしく





Now let’s go back to the email we started to write last week. Below we can see the completed version.


To: greene@splashfashion.com(相手のメールアドレス)

From: tokuhashi@abc.com(自分のメールアドレス)


Subject: [Document Request] Spring / Summer Price List 

題名:「資料請求」春期 / 夏期の価格リストの件


Dear Ms. Greene,



I hope you are well.



My name is Satoshi Tokuhashi from ABC Corporation. I believe we met last Thursday at the Synergy meeting in Nihombashi.

 私はABCコーポレーションの徳橋 聡と申します。私の記憶が正しければ、先週木曜日、日本橋でのSynergyの会議でお会いしたと思われます。


You mentioned that you could send us your latest price list.  Could you please send us the price list for the spring / summer collection? 

 その際、最新の価格リストを送信する件に関して触れられていたと思うのですが、春期 / 夏期の価格リストをお送り頂けませんでしょうか?


I look forward to hearing from you.



*Yours sincerely,



Satoshi Tokuhashi

徳橋 聡



The key things to remember about writing a business email are:



Be aware of who you are writing to and what tone you need (formal or casual).



Highlight important text in the email.



Include a relevant and clear subject.



Keep the formatting simple.



Keep the English simple and easy to understand.



Include an opening greeting and appropriate sign-off whenever possible.




Of course, these two blogs just cover the basics of writing a business emails - there are many more styles that are used for different situations and you will learn about these as you have more exposure to English emails at work.




In next week’s blog, I will be talking about how to write a follow-up email.

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