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Associate Consultant (Contracts Professionals)

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コンサルティング - 人材紹介コンサルティング
業種 人材紹介会社
勤務地 アジア 日本 東京都

仕事内容 If you want to become a Recruitment Consultant with the possibility of earning more than 10 million yen a year, the Associate Consultant is the first step toward a successful career path to Consultant in en world. As an Associate Consultant, you will acquire recruitment and business skills, gain experience of international business in Japan, become an expert in your specialized area, and build professional networks. We are looking for energetic and ambitious Associate Consultants with a "go getter" attitude. Bring us your dedication and commitment and we will give you the tools and support to become a first-class business professional.

Working in contract staffing will enable the individual to become an expert in business consulting, business strategy, and people management. These skills are unique to contract staffing consultants form an important part of the career and individual development of each member of en world Contract Professionals.

■ Responsibilities

* The initial mission of the Associate Consultant supports the Consultants matching our client companies and job seekers ("candidates") and mastering the basic skills to become a successful Consultant.
* The Associate Consultant responsibilities will be divided as follow:

* Sourcing and arranging interviews for Consultants (assisting the Consultants in their daily business).
* Attending okao-awase meetings at the client site (meetings between potential contractors and the client)
* Searching, interviewing and closing candidates (as part of the smooth transition to the Consultant role).
* Developing client business through business development activities (as entire part of the Consultant role).

* You will be a part of a team specializing in a specific area and work closely with your team members. Our areas of focus include life sciences, financial services, consumer goods, industrial manufacturing, technology, and professional services.

■ What makes en world Different from Other Recruitment Firms?

* Career Path: Associate Consultant are expected to be promoted to Consultant within 12 months, the evaluation will be made through different qualitative and quantitative key performance indicators with regular meeting with the team manager.
* Training & Development Programs: Continuous self-improvement is one of our core values and is taken very seriously by all the staff at en world. Through our industry-leading and comprehensive training and development programs we will equip you with a professional skill-set that will set you up for a life of business success. This training program takes you through the basics of recruiting and is then complimented by more advanced and specific training at different intervals in your career. We also financially support your own initiative to improve your professional skills and quality of life.
* Team Work Environment: We foster a strong team environment to help all staff members achieve their potential while promoting the right amount of support and internal competition.
* International and Diverse Work Place: Our staff members are from 20 different countries. Ratio of foreigner to Japanese staff is around 35:65, while gender ratio is approximately 50:50.

■ We Can Offer You

* Attractive salary of between 3.6 million yen ~ per year.
* Annual leave and Sick leave and all Japanese National Holidays off.
* Health, Pension, Unemployment Insurance, Workers Compensation.
* On target bonus - based on business performance

■ Required & Desired Skills and Experiences

* Record of high achievement in your current career
* Fluent in either English or Japanese
* Strong communication and interpersonal skills, excellent time-management and multitasking abilities, proactive and positive attitude, confidence, ambition, team player
英語能力 ビジネス会話 (TOEIC 735-860)
日本語能力 ビジネス会話(日本語能力試験2級又はN2)
年収 経験と能力に基づく   








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Associate Consultant (Contracts Professionals)