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Senior IT Project Manager for Engineering and Operations【英語流暢/フレックス/TVショッピングチャンネル】

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Daijob AGENT (Human Global Talent Co., Ltd.)
企業名 株式会社 QVC ジャパン
Daijob AGENT (Human Global Talent Co., Ltd.)
IT関連(オープン・WEB系) - プロジェクトマネージャー
業種 マスコミ・広告・出版・印刷・放送
勤務地 アジア 日本 千葉県

仕事内容 You are responsible for leading and managing work initiatives to achieve specific project objectives, ensuring effective integration of new systems and technologies, meeting time, scope and budget requirements, directing all project resources, and helping the business partners realize the desired business goals for the projects working within approved methodologies and processes (e.g., SDLC gate structure).

You are accountable for the delivery of a portfolio of projects or the most complex and challenging IT projects. This role works with multiple development partners to build scalable software and to module development lifecycle processes. The project delivery includes new system and function delivery, compliance alignment, as well as Keeping the Lights on the business activities. The Senior Project Manager typically directly or indirectly manages, mentors, and directs multiple project managers and/or associate project managers.

Project Management:
Leads a portfolio of projects and/or very large, complex projects or programs, typically involving multiple vendors, multiple technologies, leading edge technologies, significant business risk, and/or broad implications for the IT architecture. Focus projects are associated Enterprise Application Delivery portfolio.
Develops, maintains, analyzes, and reports metrics and KPIs to better understand the managed portfolio.
Works with partner teams in the proposal phase to ensure initiatives are defined at the appropriate level of detail to be accepted by IT for project initiation activities.
Performs audits of projects within their area of focus to ensure quality and compliance.
Assures project compliance to approved methodologies.
Trains resources in the approved methodologies.
Develops budgets, negotiates contracts, and manages external vendors.
Monitors project progress throughout its duration, and communicates project status to senior leadership and team members through reports and presentations.
Managing multiple projects for many business partners requiring large, complex, interdependent systems with significant implications for the business and/or the IT architecture through Project Managers. Analyzing and selecting between diverse and complex options.
Negotiates terms, scope, and cost and commits to deliverables with vendors, project / program team, and business partners to drive project delivery decision making.

Business Engagement:
Anticipates and manages change in QVC’s quickly moving business environment.
Works with key stakeholders to address issues and risks.
Addressing competing priorities within the project portfolio.
Developing broad buy-in on new solutions or tools to address solutions for persistent issues.
Gains support, input & feedback directly from stakeholders and sponsors through conversations or formal meetings.
Conveys portfolio status to key stakeholders and senior leadership verbally and in writing.
Clarifies, sets and manages business partner expectations effectively and proactively. Can target messages to different audiences effectively.
Champions methodologies and communicates these methodologies to the broader IT community.

Leadership :
Demonstrates high ethics and values. Inspires loyalty, trust and respect among colleagues.
Leads and manages group dynamics accurately and synthesizes opinions into usable options and solutions.
Leads the development of effective networks of internal and external business partners, suppliers, the technical community, and consultants.
Managing capacity vs. demand for project management resource pool.
Works independently. Provides recommendations for investment in new products and business solutions. Otherwise responsible for evaluating options and making decisions and recommendations on all facets of the project being managed.
Provides regular balanced and constructive feedback to direct reports, peers, and business partners.
Other duties, responsibilities and activities as assigned.
勤務時間 フレックスタイム制 
応募条件 【必要経験】
ーFluency in Japanese and English
ーIs seen as having authoritative expertise in the organization on a wide variety of related project / program / portfolio management methodologies, tools and techniques.
ーAnalyzes new developments in project management methods, tools and technologies from external sources and proposes their adoption, as appropriate.
ーHas experience working with, applying and effectively communicating technical and architectural considerations/requirements within the context of the project.
ーIdentifies project implications based on understanding of systems, processes and business areas impacted.
ーIntegrates successfully across multiple and complex technologies and systems, with high impact and risk to the business.
ーPossesses an understanding of IT architectural landscapes.
ーPossesses expertise in portfolio dependency planning and developing integrated master schedules that map intra portfolio dependencies.
ーLeverages broad expertise in the business process model to effectively manage assigned portfolio.
ーMaintains awareness of the activities and strategies of competitors and the industry overall and provides feedback to senior leadership on strategic portfolio decision factors.
ーBA/BS degree or equivalent.

ーPMP certification desired.
英語能力 流暢 (TOEIC 865点以上)
日本語能力 流暢(日本語能力試験1級又はN1)
年収 日本・円 600万円 〜 1000万円   
給与に関する説明 ※経験、能力、前給などを考慮の上、同社規定により決定


休日 ※年間休日日数120日以上
契約期間 正社員(試用期間6か月)

Senior IT Project Manager for Engineering and Operations【英語流暢/フレックス/TVショッピングチャンネル】