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【TRICARE】Clinical Training Manager

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医療/福祉/介護 - その他
業種 医療・福祉関連
勤務地 アジア 日本 東京都
アジア 日本 神奈川県
アジア 日本 沖縄県
仕事内容 【Overall Purpose Of The Job】
1. To ensure excellence in training & development efforts for the TRICARE Overseas program through directing effective training and education programs for TRICARE medical staff,
2. Responsible to the Regional Clinical Training Manager and the Head of Quality in ensuring up to date training material for their area of operations as defined and responsive scheduling for onboarding and ongoing training.
3. Drive high quality service from the Medical Team, through the design and delivery of Medical Training, and demonstration of best practice in operational delivery to the newly created near patient functional entity
4. Be the primary training resource to the MT within TRICARE Overseas Programme
5. Responds to and redesigns training to support all initiatives in the TOP contract determined both internally and externally and as agreed with the Regional Clinical Training Manager.
6. Supports the clinical Governance function within the TOP MT.

【Key Responsibilities】
• Define the Training Needs
o Ensure successful delivery of location specific training, that is informed by the principles of the new near patient service delivery model and that meets the needs of the Medical Team.
o Support the delivery of training enabling a consistent standard of care whilst the values of TOP are set and maintained in the dispersed near patient team.
o Maintain contact with the relevant Medical and Operational management to ensure timely feedback of learning needs
o Provide learning recommendations as to the Regional Clinical Training Manager to improve performance trends and training needs of Medical Team.
o Complete Learning Support Request (LSR) in collaboration with manager
• Innovating and Designing Medical Training material
o Refresh and update training plans for their area of responsibility with agreed priorities, milestones, and techniques to support training across TOP.
o Ensure all educational material relevant for the Medical Team is designed with the key design principles
o Ensure TRICARE Medical Training curriculum/material is aligned with the TRICARE functional programmes and with other relevant Medical Training material across Group.
o Ensure that all client related updates are incorporated into the relevant training elements and existing staff upskilled in a timely fashion.
• Implementing and Delivering Medical Training material:
o Deliver Medical Team Induction Training in collaboration with the Regional Clinical Training Manager Head of CRM and Training and the operational trainers using a coordinated approach.
o Support to and coordination of the clinical trainers.
• Evaluation
o Supports the evaluation of training using the Kilpatrick Model (especially Levels 1, 2 & 3) and communicates this effectively back to the Head of Quality and Regional Clinical Training Manager
 Ensures evaluation of training (Level 1) is completed as per group standard
 Assesses Medical Team competence for formalised courses etc. (Level 2)
 Evaluates the effectiveness of Medical Training interventions for relevant platform (Level 3), including collecting data/evidence, attending/facilitating TNA etc.
• Line Management
o Oversight and support to the Clinical Trainers
• Management of the Other tasks as allocated by manager
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勤務時間 9:00-17:30(1 hour lunch break)
応募条件 Required Skills and Knowledge (Brief description of technical knowledge or skills needed to perform the job)
• Excellent medical and operational knowledge in remote patient management.
• Experience of Line Management/ task delegation.
• Experience of International Health and cross cultural communication.
• Effective, clear, confident, diplomatic and sensitive verbal and written communication skills
• Adept at motivation, encouragement and other influencing skills
• Understands the key principles of change management
• Passion for learning and development
• Good computer skills.
• Sense of humour

Required Work Experience (Brief description of the job-related experience needed to perform the job)
• Essential: Minimum 12 month experience in a functional platform
• Essential: 3-5 years nursing experience
• Desirable: Previous experience in the design/delivery of education for healthcare professionals
Required Qualifications (Brief description of the educational background needed to perform the job)
• Essential: Nursing education qualification with current license in country/body of qualification
• Desirable: External qualifications in Learning and Development, Tertiary educational qualifications
Required Languages (Brief description of the language skills needed to perform the job)
• Essential : Excellence in Country location language. written/verbal)
• Essential: Excellence in verbal and written English language skills (if not the location Country)
Travel / Rotation Requirements (Brief description of any travel or rotation requirements)
• Travel will form about 15% of the role.
英語能力 流暢 (TOEIC 865点以上)
日本語能力 ネイティヴレベル
年収 経験と能力に基づく   
給与に関する説明 Social insurance
Labor insurance
Commutation Allowance
Retirement allowance
Membership accommodation system
Sports club discount system
休日 土日、祝日、有給休暇(最初の6ヵ月は3日、1年目15日、2年目16日)
契約期間 正社員
最寄り駅 赤坂

【TRICARE】Clinical Training Manager