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【Native English Teacher】International Kindergarten ☆Kids Duo International☆

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株式会社 やる気スイッチグループ/YARUKI Switch Group

株式会社 やる気スイッチグループ/YARUKI Switch Group
教育/トレーニング/語学系 - 教師/講師/インストラクター
業種 教育・学校
勤務地 アジア 日本

仕事内容 Do you enjoy working with children? Are you looking for a meaningful position where you could put your language skills to use and make a difference?

We are recruiting Native English teachers for our bilingual kindergartens!

・State-of-the-art bilingual kindergarten preparing children to succeed in all academic areas later in life.
・English and Japanese instruction in order to facilitate natural, bilingual learning right from the start.
・Physical education program specifically designed to start children off on a lifetime of wellness.

☆Our Brand Message☆
“The time you spend at KDI will be a lifetime treasure”

【Teaching Method & Responsibilities】
• Teach English curriculum for classes of up to 30 students (ages 2 to 6).
• Classes cover a variety of English subjects such as Reading & Writing, Numbers & Shapes, Phonics, Songs & Chants, Arts & Crafts, and Show & Tell. By giving our students such a wide variety of programs, we are actively engaging them and enabling them to learn through different mediums.
• Accompany students to (and participate in) additional Japanese language programs, such as Music, Intellectual Training, and our expansive Physical Education program (“Ninja Class”).
• Model proper behavior and life skills, play with students, help with school events, field trips, seasonal events, etc.

【What makes us Special】
☆Freedom & Creativity: Teachers can use our framework of lessons, or use their creativity to develop their own personalized and unique approach to teaching.
☆Teamwork: Support and be supported, every step of the way.
☆Professional Growth: Our passion for education extends to our staff as well, with support in learning Japanese, continued training and workshops.
☆Responsibility: We trust our teachers to be involved and dedicated to promoting our business, taking ownership of their own successes.
☆Bring Out the Kid in You: We emphasize fun in the classroom!

【Hiring Process】
Initial phone/Skype Interview → Native Recruiters Interview (Skype) → (Franchise school Interview) → Job Offer
YARUKI Switch Group is a diverse educational organization, thriving to support children reach their dreams through education.
With more than 1,700 schools throughout Japan and expanding to the world, we aim to be a general education group that caters to a diverse range of students.

Measures against passive smoking: No smoking indoors allowed
勤務時間 • Regular working hours are 8:30 – 17:30, 5 days a week
(generally Monday through Friday.)
• Instructors may be asked to work paid overtime in the
mornings or evenings if able.
• Working shifts are 9 hours per day; this means 8 working
hours and a 1-hour lunch break.
応募条件 【Qualifications】
• Native level of English
• Love for children and passion for teaching
• Willing to commit for at least one year
• University Degree (or self-supported working visa, spousal visa, permanent residence, Japanese citizenship)]

【Welcomed skills】
・Experience working at Pre-schools, After-schools, or English conversation schools is a plus!
英語能力 ネイティヴレベル
年収 日本・円 300万円   
給与に関する説明 【What we can offer】
• Starting salary is 250,000Yen
• Structured pay-rise system and career advancement opportunities based on experience, ability and performance
• Fully covered training at the beginning of your contract
• Contract Renewal Bonus (100,000Yen)
• All work-related transportation reimbursed

※Visa sponsorship available (Applicants must meet immigration requirements)
休日 【Holidays and days off】
・Staff generally work a 5-day work week (Sundays off plus 1 additional day a week)
・Public holidays, summer & winter holidays, paid holidays and miscellaneous holidays are also included
・Holidays may vary among brands
※Some school events are held on weekends (Halloween, Christmas, Spelling bee etc.)
契約期間 Contract Employee (1-year renewable contract, 3 months trial period)
最寄り駅 Schools located nationwide




株式会社 やる気スイッチグループ/YARUKI Switch Group




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【Native English Teacher】International Kindergarten ☆Kids Duo International☆