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【VISA support available!】Seeking software development engineer for hotels & resorts

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株式会社タップ/TAP Co.,Ltd.

株式会社タップ/TAP Co.,Ltd.
IT関連(オープン・WEB系) - 業務アプリケーションSE
IT関連(汎用系) - アプリケーションSE
ホテル/レジャー/外食系/旅行 - ホテル関連職
業種 ソフトウェアベンダー
勤務地 アジア 日本 東京都 江東区

仕事内容 Tap is a solution provider specializing in the hospitality industry. Since our establishment in 1987, we have commercialized many systems necessary for hotels as software functions.
In addition, we have lots of great feedback from our major clients - famous hotels and resorts - not only for our products but also for our consulting services.

We are actively looking for engineers from overseas who are familiar with system development for the hotel industry. In this position, you will be engaged in tasks such as customizing our package software and managing team members who come from different countries and cultural backgrounds.

・Develop and customize systems for hotels (In-house development)
・Technical team leader in a diverse international environment

・Front Office System - Reservations/cancellations, management of customer information
・Online Booking System
・Peripheral Device Interfaces - Integration with third-party devices and equipment
  ※Mainly develop systems for clients overseas in English

OS: Windows, Linux
DB: DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Programming Language: Java, JavaScript

Our team members come from various countries such as Japan, Russia, France, USA, and Hong-Kong! You can work in a global environment and utilize your English skills!
Business areas

1. Hotels and Resorts Industry consulting services.
2. IT solutions provider for hotels and resorts:
Development, distribution and implementation of property management system package.
IT hardware and hotel industry equipment provider.
Interface development and integration with peripheral equipment and third-party solutions.
3. ASP and hosting services provider.
4. Software support and maintenance.
5. Outsourcing services.
勤務時間 9:30 to 18:15
Flex-time available
応募条件 【Requirements】
・Business level Japanese equivalent
・Fluent English speaker
・ Minimum of 3 years' software development experience with any of the following conditions:
+ Development mission-critical system
+ Programming languages: Java, javascript
+ OS: Windows, Linux
+ DB: DB2, MySQL. PostgreSQL

【The Ideal Candidate】
・ Build a business process/framework
・ Development web system
・ Working experience in a global company
英語能力 流暢 (TOEIC 865点以上)
日本語能力 日常会話
年収 日本・円 400万円 〜 600万円   
給与に関する説明 ■Full Social insurance
■Commuting allowance
■Overtime allowance
■Prepaid retirement benefits
■Moving allowance etc..
休日 【Number of Days Off per Year: 120】
All weekends (Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays)
New Year's holiday
Annual paid leave
Leaves for weddings and funerals
Summer vacation
Maternity leave
Infant-care leave, etc.
契約期間 Full-time
3-month trial period
最寄り駅 2 minutes by walk from Toyocho Station(Tokyo metropolitan Tozai-line)

【VISA support available!】Seeking software development engineer for hotels & resorts