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Cloud Systems Engineer - Linux + Python - join a leading TechCompany!

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株式会社エイチシーエル・ジャパン/HCL JAPAN LTD.

株式会社エイチシーエル・ジャパン/HCL JAPAN LTD.
コンサルティング - ITシステムコンサルティング
IT関連(汎用系) - アプリケーションSE
IT関連(オープン・WEB系) - WebアプリケーションSE
業種 ITコンサルティング
勤務地 アジア 日本 東京都
アジア 日本 東京都
仕事内容 HCL Japan's hiring Cloud Systems Engineer!

HCL Technologies is a Global IT company with presence across 43 countries, with over 100,000 employees worldwide & $8.1 billion revenue.

Due to project requirement, we can only consider local candidates who are already  working in Japan this time - citizen, candidates with valid work permit, or with a short notice period to join.

This is a great opportunity to join HCL family to advance your professional career in a large organization and projects/deliverables.

Job Description

Job Description:
As a member of our Cloud Systems Engineering team, you will be responsible for deploying and supporting the solution within the customer data centers.

Position Responsibilities:
* Working side-by-side in a truly collaborative manner with our architecture, operations, sales, marketing, and executive leadership team to provide best in class solutions, services, and customer support.
* Collaborating with your peers in the Cloud Systems Engineering group to ensure that our solutions and services meet and exceed our client's expectations and achieve our rigorous quality standards.
* Becoming an expert in the OpenStack standard platform and enhancements to this platform.
* Typical job functions include:
* On-going operations in a large-scale, multi-cloud environment.
* Proactive system/network monitoring & troubleshooting.
* Proactive system capacity planning.
* Deployment and task automation.
* Issue/Incidence response.
* Code-level analysis of issues including root cause determination and/or potential code fix.
* Peer-level customer support for low-level, highly-technical issue resolution.
* Join and contribute to the communities and foundations that support our chosen open-source technologies and platforms. How you provide support will be dictated by your own interests, abilities, and personal passions.
* You will be required to have fun, love what you do, and support a transparent and open work environment.

Are you the right candidate we're looking for?

We look forward to your application!
If selected, you'll hear from us in 5 business days.

Thank you!
【About HCL Japan】
主な事業内容 エンジニアリング開発サービス

-We're operating in Japan for more than 20 years
-Most of employees are bilingual of English and Japanese, Seishain/permanent employees
-We have about 400 employees across Japan
-We provide various service portfolio - embedded, application, infra, product & platform, software services, etc
-We focus on new technology
-We provide useful employee benefits (such as Benefit one)
-We're global company operating in 32 countries, with large-scaled organization structure leveraging India offshore
-Candidates can experience dynamic delivery model to leverage India offshore centre
-Employees can apply for internal positions across the globe
勤務時間 9AM -6PM with 1 hour break on weekdays (default, it may slightly change depends on client's work hours)
応募条件 Requirements:
* 10+ years of Linux administration and engineering experience including a deep understanding of the Linux networking stack at the kernel level.
* 3+ years Python development experience or an equal level of level of proficiency in another language.
* Provide code/script/recipe examples pertinent to infrastructure support.
* Be happy learning Python! OpenStack's code-base is written in Python; becoming comfortable with Python is required.
* Knowledge of Ansible is preferred
* Extensive knowledge of modern virtualization technologies (5+ years - KVM knowledge is a must).
* Experience deploying a host virtualization platform. Specific experience with a cloud platform not required.(5+ Years)
* Having led, or participated in, the implementation of at least one configuration management system (Chef, Puppet, Salt Stack, etc.).
* Extensive experience with fully implemented automation workflows.
* Hands-on networking experience and a strong foundational knowledge of networking models including VLAN's, WAN, routing, bridging, etc.
* Prior experience working in a start-up operation is strongly desired but not required.
* We need people who know how to work independently and make things happen.
* Good communication skills (written and verbal in English).
* Strong application, operating system, kernel, and hardware debugging skills. Windows experience is a plus.
* The ability to demonstrate a high degree of passion for your craft
* Our on-staff experts love what they do, are continuous learners, anxious to take on new challenges, and mindful of best practices to ensure optimal service.
* Teamworker with respect to other teammate

英語能力 ビジネス会話 (TOEIC 735-860)
日本語能力 日常会話
年収 日本・円 450万円 〜 900万円   
給与に関する説明 Social Insurance
Employee benefit (such as life service discount)
Maternity/childcare leave
Paid holiday
Certification support
Salary is offered as package (all inclusive)

休日 Weekends and national holidays
Paid holidays
Maternity leave
Special leave
Client holdiay


Five-Day Workweek
Paid Holidays
Congratulatory or Condolence Leave
Child-care Leave
契約期間 Permanent/full-time
最寄り駅 Tokyo area




株式会社エイチシーエル・ジャパン/HCL JAPAN LTD.



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Cloud Systems Engineer - Linux + Python - join a leading TechCompany!