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【Field Engineer/フィールドエンジニア】Working at global IT Company

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IT関連(その他) - IT ヘルプデスク
IT関連(その他) - 社内システム担当
IT関連(その他) - カスタマーサポートエンジニア
勤務地 アジア 日本 東京都 港区

仕事内容 【Responsibilities/業務内容】

・Reading error codes flashed up on the device
・Swapping out hardware
・Tracing faults using diagnostic devices and software
・Upgrading components
・Assisting the support staff of other service-providers
・May require some staggered shifts
・Will require some travel to sites
・Other duties may be assigned
・Inventory Management:
 ・Supervise the flow of company’s stocked goods
 ・Keep a detailed record of each new or returned goods as it enters or leaves the stockroom.
 ・Control and oversee ordering inventory, storage of inventory, and control the amount of goods
 ・Update the record file
 ・Common inventory management techniques knowledge
 ・Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reporting on IT Stock.
・Must be able to produce trend analysis report on common failures on end user devices.
Our client is a global IT services company and excels in cross-border IT services, such as 24/7 IT support, IMAC (install, moves, additions, changes) with particular expertise in Telepresence deployments, international network router / switch configuration, installation and troubleshooting, and also specialists in End User Support services.
勤務時間 M-F 9:00~18:00
応募条件 【Welcome/求める人材】

・Years of experience: Minumum 1 year of applied skills and experience
・Supplier resources have completed industry standard training and certifications to include A+ certification or have equivalent work experience.
・Completion of required training and certifications or have equivalent work experience. To perform warranty hardware repair of HP, Dell, and Lenovo devices including warranty parts ordering, repair/replacement, and defective part return.
・Working technical knowledge of Windows operating systems to allow for resolution of issues, or full rebuild of the PC using client specific documentation provided by the client.
・Familiarity with OSX, iOS, and Android operating systems in order to provide best-effort support to End users using related devices.
・Working technical knowledge of Microsoft Office Products, antivirus products, desktop services to allow for resolution of software application issues.
・Customer-facing “soft skills” including strong verbal and written communications
・Ability to apply intermediate level of subject matter knowledge to solve a variety of common IT issues.
・Exercises independent judgment within defined practices and procedures to determine appropriate action.
・Acts as an informed team member providing analysis of information and limited project input.
・Evaluates unique circumstances and makes technical and procedural recommendations.
・Distinctive service and customer orientation
・Fluent English in spoken and written
・Conversational Japanese
・Close attention to detail, and ability to work independently, as well as part of a team, on multiple projects
・Able to handle multiple tasks and adjust priorities within deadlines
英語能力 流暢 (TOEIC 865点以上)
日本語能力 日常会話
年収 経験と能力に基づく   

【Field Engineer/フィールドエンジニア】Working at global IT Company