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Solutions Engineer - ポストセールス・エンジニア

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トランスパーフェクト・ジャパン合同会社 / TransPerfect Global Group

トランスパーフェクト・ジャパン合同会社 / TransPerfect Global Group
IT関連(その他) - プリセールス
IT関連(その他) - セールスエンジニア
IT関連(その他) - プロダクトローカライズ
業種 その他IT関連
勤務地 アジア 日本 東京都
アジア シンガポール Singapore
仕事内容 Position Summary:
The TransPerfect Technology division is looking for motivated ambitious technical talent for its Professional Services group. As part of one of TransPerfect’s fastest growing divisions, this position will give any successful applicant an incredible opportunity for career advancement as well as many exciting possible career paths.

As a consulting Solutions Engineer, you will work with the rest of the Professional Services team crafting and implementing enterprise level solutions for our wide portfolio of clients using our GlobalLink suite of products. The GlobalLink suite consists of web based Java J2EE apps using cutting edge technologies such as EXT-JS, Hadoop and Lucene.

Due to the wide and varied nature of client architectures, Solution Engineers gain expertise in a wide variety of applications such as Adobe CQ, SiteCore, Microsoft SharePoint, Demandware, Hybris, Drupal, Magento and TeamSite, often working in tandem with consulting engineers from these companies.

A good Solutions Engineer is someone who can learn fast and apply those lessons to similar situations. Someone who is excited by new challenges and has a strong desire to gain experience in a wide variety of technologies and applications. Someone who works well as part of a team, but is also a strong self motivator.

Position responsibilities:
- Acting as the primary technical point of contact for enterprise level clients of our GlobalLink suite of products
- Coordinating installs and upgrades of existing products
- Gathering and understanding client requirements and using them to craft solutions
- Assist clients to “language enable” their content management systems
- Point of escalation for any client support issues
- Assist Product Management by communicating client requirements that need to become new features
- Ensure client launch deadlines are met, and that proper risk analysis is performed

【基本的な採用プロセス - 3~4週間】
1. 書類選考
2. 電話面接(日本語)
3. 電話面接(日本語&英語)2-3回
4. オンサイト面接(遠方の場合はSkype videoにて実施)
5. 結果通知
勤務時間 月~金 9:00-19:00の間で労働8時間+休憩1時間
応募条件 Required Skills and Experience:
- Japanese native speaker with excellent written and verbal English communication skills
- Minimum Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
- Excellent problem solving and analytical skills
- Strong interpersonal skills and effective time management skills

Applicants should have at least two of the following:
- Experience in web technologies (web servers, application servers etc.)
- Experience with Linux and MySQL
- Experience with web content management systems
- Experience with scripting and regular expressions
- Experience with product management techniques
英語能力 ビジネス会話 (TOEIC 735-860)
日本語能力 流暢(日本語能力試験1級又はN1)
年収 経験と能力に基づく   
給与に関する説明 - 年俸制:経験に応じて相談(~650万円程度)
- 社会保険完備
- 交通費支給(月額上限3万円)
休日 週休2日制(土日祝日)、有給休暇(初年度15日)、誕生日休暇、
契約期間 6カ月の試用期間後、正規雇用(1年目は契約社員、2年目より正社員に移行)
最寄り駅 東京メトロ丸の内線「西新宿」から徒歩6分




トランスパーフェクト・ジャパン合同会社 / TransPerfect Global Group




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Solutions Engineer - ポストセールス・エンジニア