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Numazu, Shizuoka 【Long-term Stable Work】 Bilingual Mainframe Technical Lead

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株式会社エイチシーエル・ジャパン/HCL JAPAN LTD.

株式会社エイチシーエル・ジャパン/HCL JAPAN LTD.
IT関連(組込み/制御系) - ソフトウェア設計
IT関連(汎用系) - アプリケーションSE
コンサルティング - その他(専門コンサルティング)
業種 ITコンサルティング
勤務地 アジア 日本 静岡県

仕事内容 HCL Japan's recognized as one of the industry leaders in embedded software R&D services providing niche technology deliverables to major clients across the globe.

We're hiring one bilingual Mainframe expert who can act as a technical and support face to client/users in liaison with internal stakeholders to ensure deliverables.

We welcome a senior professional/industry leader who wish to work long-term till retirement.

Job responsibilities are:

• Work independently on Mainframe operating system and related component maintenance and enhancement
• Analyze the dump/problem in short time and provide appropriate solutions
• Understand the source code, analyze the flow, gain the system architecture knowledge
• Mentor and provide technical guidance to team members
• Self-motivated to learn the internals of the system (new programming languages, deep platform knowledge) for effective communication with the Technical experts

【What we can offer】
-To provide the work environment to become a global/industry leader in service industry with global service model
-Depends on the deliverables/service agreement with client, but our work environment is considered flexible
-We respect diversity, individuals, opinions
-Competitive salary package

Would you like to take your career to the next level?

We look forward to your application!

Those who pass the initial screening will be contacted in 5 business days.

Thank you for your consideration!
【Remarks about us】

-We're operating in Japan for more than 20 years
-We offer permanent Seishain roles
-Most of local employees are bilingual of English and Japanese
-We have about 370 employees across Japan
-We provide various service portfolio - embedded, application, infra, product
-We focus on new technology
-We provide useful employee benefits (such as Benefit one for discounts)
-We're global company operating in 32 countries, with large-scaled organization structure leveraging India offshore
-Candidates can excel career in an English-speaking large organization to excel as an industry leader globally
-Employees can apply for internal positions across the globe
勤務時間 900-1800 with 1 hour lunch break (basic) on weekdays
応募条件 【Required Skills】

• Should have good experience in any Mainframe ( IBM/ Fujitsu/ NEC/ Hitachi) at least 5 years of experience in Mainframe
• Should have skills in Mainframe, MVS, COBOL, JCL, CICS, DB2 , etc in the Mainframe Application Maintenance & Support, Mainframe Development activities.
• Should have good communication skills (customer interactions, technical discussion, negotiation etc)
• Experience in Assembler and OS internals are added advantage ( not mandatory skills)
• Should have experience in leading a team ( offshore/Onsite team)
• Understanding on CMMi L3 and Quality processes

Desired Experience: Around 8 to 12 Years

【Preferable Skills】
・Have similar experience as a mainframe engineer with client facing role

【Ideal Applicants】
・Those who like challenges
・Understand diversity and a large-scale global delivery model
・Those who want to work at India's third biggest ICT service company

** Those who pass the initial screening will be contacted in 5 business days.
英語能力 最低限のコミュニケーション(TOEIC 225-470)
日本語能力 ネイティヴレベル
年収 経験と能力に基づく   
給与に関する説明 社会保険完備
Employee benefit (such as service discount)
Maternity/childcare leave
Certification support
Salary is offered as package (all inclusive)
休日 完全週休2日制(土・日・祝祭日)
契約期間 Permanent
最寄り駅 Numazu station, take bus to enter work site




株式会社エイチシーエル・ジャパン/HCL JAPAN LTD.



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Numazu, Shizuoka 【Long-term Stable Work】 Bilingual Mainframe Technical Lead