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Machine Learning Software Engineer (Experienced to Senior)

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Michael Page Japan
企業名 Tech Start-up
Michael Page Japan
IT関連(組込み/制御系) - プログラマー
IT関連(組込み/制御系) - ソフトウェア設計
IT関連(オープン・WEB系) - WebアプリケーションSE
業種 通信・情報サービス関連
勤務地 アジア 日本 東京都

仕事内容 Machine-learning driven Software Engineering role for a business with over 25 million customers and ambitions of reaching unicorn status in the near future


* Create well-written, robust production code

* Research and solve various technical problems (related to categorization, information extraction from unstructured text, de-duplication etc.)
* Build ranking algorithms for articles and content
* Work seamlessly in a flat, team-oriented environment for problem-solving and rapid prototyping and roll-out
* Develop analytics tools


* 5 years+ experience in NLP (natural language processing), classification, search, and/or recommender systems

* Expert coding abilities in multiple programming languages (preferable:. Java, C++, Python, Scala)
* MS or BS in computer science, mathematics, physics or other quantitative fields (preferable)
* Experience with distributed analytic processing technologies (e.g. Solr/Elasticsearch, Hive, MapReduce, Hadoop, Spark)
* Experience with cloud based architecture (preferably AWS)
* Ability to work in either Japanese OR English fluently

Job Offer

* Cool, open work space
* full-time, in-house barista
* Voluntary Trip - Working remotely twice a year
* Free lunch
* Event space - Free use for any kind of meet up/event
* Foreign language development support
Our client is a young start-up company with less than 100 employees. Their business is driven by a strong and growing team of engineers focused on complex problelm-solving, Machine Learning and NLP.
英語能力 ビジネス会話 (TOEIC 735-860)
日本語能力 ビジネス会話(日本語能力試験2級又はN2)
年収 経験と能力に基づく   

Machine Learning Software Engineer (Experienced to Senior)