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Office Manager

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株式会社エム・アール・アイ・ジャパン / MRI JAPAN Inc.
企業名 会社名非公開
株式会社エム・アール・アイ・ジャパン / MRI JAPAN Inc.
総務/人事 - 総務
業種 製薬メーカー
勤務地 アジア 日本 東京都

仕事内容 General Office Management
•Company certificates management, renewal, and communicate with local government authority for handling of Business License Registration, Approval of Articles, BOD meeting minutes, BOD member renewal etc.
•Prepare and issue Official documents for VISA application, Certificate of Employment etc.
•Coordinate for business travelling, event organization, communication with travel agent, bill checking.
•Office Maintenance, office equipment maintenance such as printers, water case, air purify, polycom, coordinate laptops issues with IT Helpdesk, etc. Office environment maintenance such as office greening, cleaning etc.
•Handle the company’s insurances (staff, property, credit insurance etc)
•Record Management (RM): Manage contracts, renewal and upload to corporate RM system

•Acting as a single point of contact for compliance review processes in the subsidiary, enabling an efficient communication between the subsidiary´s employees and Global Compliance staff.
•Ensuring that all compliance requests contain the necessary information before submission, including the selection of the appropriate and up-to-date templates for the compliance memos.
•Submitting requests to Global Compliance designated staff.
•Reporting to Global Compliance staff any substantial deviation identified in the subsidiary after compliance review.
•Ensuring that all recommendations issued by Global Compliance are noted by the requestors in the subsidiary.
•Filing the official records resulting from the execution of the Compliance review processes, as required by the Global Compliance procedures.
•Coordinating with local Accounting Manager to ensure that disbursements to covered individuals under the Anticorruption Policies are properly referenced to Compliance clearances and are within the estimates included in the approved compliance memos or reviews

•Company policy drafting, consolidating, and release on the employee handbook
•Coordinate monthly payroll information for the affiliate employees.
•Coordinate with ASA and FSSC APAC
•Keep updated employee Master Data (In cooperation with HRBP)

General Health & Safety
•Health & Safety monitoring as per corporate policy (incidents analysis, KPI report, H&S survey, fire safety inspection, protection measures etc.), send regular reports to Corporate H&S Department.
•Annual Environmental data collection as per corporate policy (electricity, water, batter, ink cartridge, recycled paper etc.). Send regular reports to Corporate Environment Department.

Training & company events (in cooperation with HRBP):
•Arrange onboarding training for new recruitments, and orientation training.
•Coordinate with line managers and/or HR for training needs for different employees.
•Assist and coordinate company national and/or local events, training, etc.
•Send regular training report of the affiliate to Corporate HR according to corporate policy.

Employees benefits & allowances:
•Renew on yearly basis life, health and travelling insurance
•Employee personal data consolidation, management and record (annual leave, sick leave, on boarding, resignation etc.)
•Employee Welfare management and delivery (Employee insurance, holiday gifts, etc.)

•Assist HRBP, line manager during all recruitment process, keep informed all parties about stage in the process, coordinate payment to HH and closing process.
•Prepare offer letter with agreed conditions and Employment contract
•Coordinate with HRBP and line managers employee resignation and/or dismissal

Employee profile:
•Keep update JD for each employee
•Together with HRBP and line managers help to prepare JD
•Keep track of all affiliate employees attendance record, annual leave, maternity and sick leave, and reporting to Global HR according to corporate policy.
•Archive and Manage employees personal filings ie. Employment contracts, offer letter, training record, warning letter, dismissal letter, contract renewal….

Administrative Services (SC Management)
•Act as the key contact person for internal suppliers
•Inventory management to ensure stock levels meet sales demand
•Warehouse and facilities management (3PL relationship)
•Oversee import/export & local/ international distributions
•Manage ordering/ invoicing processes (order to cash)
•Manage customer service quality & procedures
•Ensure communications with customers (internal and external) are properly kept
•Collaborate with sales team to align customer service processes with sales objectives
•Accomplish in-depth knowledge of the company’s supply-chain system and apply the necessary improvements.

Finance related
•Support General Manager on financial matters
•Handle tax matters (income tax/GST//transfer prices etc) in coordination with tax consultant/FSSC
•Controlling and Management of cash flows/collections/payments
•CAPEX follow up
•Budget and forecast.
•Monthly accruals
•Inventory control: units, valuation and provisions
•Send and translate correspondence (notifications, invoices, etc) to FSSC APAC and provide assistance to FSSC when physical action is needed (e.g. signatures, hard copies to banks, etc,)
•Assistance to Corporate departments such as Insurance, Treasury, Planning & Control
•Manage procurement processes (procure to pay). Vendors management: office rental service, translation vendors, company insurance and membership vendors, renewing contracts accordingly, office supplies, etc…Indirect Procurement (PO creation, , goods receive, bill checking etc.)
英語能力 流暢 (TOEIC 865点以上)
日本語能力 ネイティヴレベル
年収 日本・円 500万円 〜 600万円   





株式会社エム・アール・アイ・ジャパン / MRI JAPAN Inc.




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