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更新日 2019-01-28
掲載開始日 2018-09-13
ジョブコード: DKA - JO-180522-162925
企業コード: DKA - JO-180522-162925

Business Human Resources || 人事ビジネスパートナー

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RGF Professional Recruitment Japan
企業名 会社名非公開
RGF Professional Recruitment Japan
総務/人事 - 人事(制度構築)
総務/人事 - 人事(採用)
総務/人事 - 人事(その他)
業種 医療機器メーカー
勤務地 アジア 日本 東京都

仕事内容 This is a Business HR opportunity:
Providing Human Resources support and consultancy to the business to ensure their human resources management and to achieve their business objectives with the supports from the other HR functions.
Collaborate with the other HR functions to plan, implement and operate the HR projects and programs

Key focus areas:
Talent Acquisition and Development
Learning & Development
Compensation & Benefits
Employee Relations
A global leader in Healthcare for Medical Devices and Life Sciences.
応募条件 3 years or more in Human Resources working multiple functions
Experience working in Multinational companies
Fluent Japanese with

DKA - JO-180522-162925
英語能力 ビジネス会話 (TOEIC 735-860)
日本語能力 ネイティヴレベル
年収 日本・円 800万円 〜 900万円   
給与に関する説明 Social Insurance
Commuting/Transportation Allowance
Education Training
休日 Five-Day Workweek
Summer Holidays
Refresh Holidays
Winter Holidays
Child-care Leave
Sick Leave
Paid Holidays
契約期間 Full Time / Permanent Employee

Business Human Resources || 人事ビジネスパートナー