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Web Engineer (English Conversation Service)

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株式会社JELLYFISH/Jellyfish Corporation
企業名 会社名非公開
株式会社JELLYFISH/Jellyfish Corporation
IT関連(組込み/制御系) - プログラマー
業種 インターネット・プロバイダー関連
勤務地 アジア 日本 東京都

仕事内容 【Job Content】
Development of our online English conversation service.
【In particular】
■ Service design and programming related to web service operation
■ Maintenance work such as server setting
■ Business management tools for staffs, data analysis infrastructure development etc.

Responsible for general development work from service planning / designing part to actual coding. With the in-house products developing, you will work as a core member in development. It is also possible to introducing new technologies such as AI and VR in a long run. We are looking for a person who has a mind to expand the service with us.

【Development environment】
■ Mainly used languages: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL
■ OS: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
■ Database: MySQL
■ Other tools: git, Jenkins etc.
【Internal atmosphere】
With an open atmosphere in our company, everyone has a chance to speak out their own opinions.

Our service provides users not only the chance to learn the language, but also business manners which are needed to build reliable relationships in business situations.

【Organization】 Overall: About 30 people
Foreign nationality: 1 person (Taiwan)
Company atmosphere: advanced, challenging
Company languages: Japanese, English
応募条件 【Requirement】
■ Web service development experience (Over 3 years)
■ Knowledge of languages ​​such as PHP, HTML, CSS
■ Database design, construction, and operation experience of MySQL and others

Person who can sympathize with the following five points
■ Integrity: Respond to customers, business partners with integrity
■ Passion: Work with passion and never compromise
■ Global mind: Accept diversity and think from a global perspective.
■ Challenge: Never satisfy with present conditions and continue to challenge new things.
■ Efficiency: Focus on essential tasks, work efficiently.
英語能力 ビジネス会話 (TOEIC 735-860)
日本語能力 日常会話
年収 日本・円 300万円 〜 800万円   
給与に関する説明 Transportation expense, various social insurance
休日 Saturday, Sunday, public holidays, New Year's holidays, paid vacation ( 10 days/first year)
契約期間 【Employment form】 Full-time employee (trial period 3 months)

最寄り駅 【Working place】 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Web Engineer (English Conversation Service)