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更新日 2018-06-28
掲載開始日 2018-06-19

ITサポートエンジニア IT Support Engineer

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Fidel Consulting KK
企業名 会社名非公開
職種 IT関連(インフラ系) - ネットワークエンジニア
IT関連(組込み/制御系) - ソフトウェア設計
IT関連(インフラ系) - ネットワーク監視
業種 その他IT関連
勤務地 アジア 日本 東京都

仕事内容 Job Description:

- With the expansion of the scale of the business, we are planning to establish an in-house reservation system and on-site (hotel) system
System support for smooth hotel management mainly centering on infrastructure development
- Depending on the location of the hotel site, there are several field visits on the site per month


- In-house reservation system introduction support, operation improvement / operation of server
- Management, lifelong correspondence / security account related operation, maintenance etc.
- Firewall, router, network switch, wireless LAN etc
- Field installation work of equipment used in hotels such as card key issuing machine, passport scanner
- Newly opened hotel equipment arrangements, on-site installation work
- Inventory management of IT equipment (PC, printer etc.), Gsuite account etc, ordering work
We provides a new brand of urban accommodation. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you'll be treated to comfort and convenience that will make you feel right at home.


応募条件 - [Required] Management experience of LAN environment and Windows server.
- [Welcome] Work experience of PC support (Windows) and technical support.
- [Reason for stable performance] While hotel market is showing excitement, own property
- Native level Japanese ability required.

- [必須] LAN環境とWindowsサーバの管理経験。
- [ようこそ] PCサポート(Windows)とテクニカルサポートの実務経験。
- [安定した業績の理由]ホテル市場は興奮しているが、
- ネイティブレベルの日本語能力が必要です。
日本語能力 ネイティヴレベル
年収 日本・円 250万円 〜 450万円   
休日 Five-Day Workweek
契約期間 Full-time employee

ITサポートエンジニア IT Support Engineer