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Human Resources Administrator【Top 3 Automobile Manufacturer!】

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j Career Co.,Ltd. / 株式会社 j Career
企業名 会社名非公開
j Career Co.,Ltd. / 株式会社 j Career
総務/人事 - 人事(採用)
総務/人事 - 人事(その他)
エグゼクティブ/経営 - 管理職(管理部門系)
業種 自動車・輸送機器メーカー
勤務地 アジア 日本 神奈川県

仕事内容 【Job Outline】
Whether at the global headquarters or one of many human resources departments throughout the company, be in charge of the following business and duties:

・Hiring processes (new graduates / mid-career).
・ Formulation and practical application of human resource system duties (personnel shuffling / employee evaluation / remuneration).
・Administration of initial employment and labor matters.
・Personnel training and cultivation.
【Company Strengths】
An extremely diverse working environment, consisting of numerous nationalities, career types, and working styles.
勤務時間 9:00~18:00
応募条件 【Essential Qualifications】
・Experience with human resources work and duties.
・Business level English ability.
※All meetings and materials will be conducted in English.
・High level of communication ability.
・Ability to carry out tasks effectively and quickly.
・Ability to think logically.

【Preferred Conditions】
・Experience working in the automobile industry.
・Experience performing human resource duties at a company with at least 100 employees.

【Ideal Candidate】
・Able to be ready-and-willing to progressively tackle any task or challenge, contributing to the company along the way.
英語能力 ビジネス会話 (TOEIC 735-860)
日本語能力 ビジネス会話(日本語能力試験2級又はN2)
年収 日本・円 600万円 〜 1500万円   
給与に関する説明 Social Insurance
Commuting/Transportation Allowance
Sport Facilities
Relaxation Facilities
Employee Stock Purchase System
Rent Subsidy
休日 Five-Day Workweek
Summer Holidays
Winter Holidays
Refresh Holidays
Paid Holidays
Congratulatory or Condolence Leave
Child-care Leave
契約期間 Full-Time Employment

Human Resources Administrator【Top 3 Automobile Manufacturer!】