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更新日 2018-06-18
掲載開始日 2018-06-04
ジョブコード: NJB1080971
企業コード: NRC000130

MCE Specialist

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株式会社 ジェイ エイ シー リクルートメント/JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd.
企業名 会社名非公開
株式会社 ジェイ エイ シー リクルートメント/JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd.
マーケティング/PR - 企画/マーケティング
マーケティング/PR - 営業企画
業種 製薬メーカー
勤務地 アジア 日本 東京都

仕事内容 ■Main Interactions
MCE Managers
Customer Insights
Data Scientist
Data Management
Commercial teams and Leads spanning Marketing & Sales, Medical, Communications and public affairs
Enabling functions including; ITS, Business Operations, Legal, Regulatory, Quality, Finance, HR (as needed)
■Key Accountabilities
・Ensures consistent, homogeneous and optimal development of the country (help to prioritize based on tested and proven actions)
・Plans campaigns and has an overall view of the production calendar for all channels and all GBUs at a country level
・In charge of writing the documents that regroup every campaign requirements (creative brief, project brief and communication brief)
・Holds meeting (kick‐off) with the multi‐channel manager to brief properly the different teams that will be involved in bringing strategy to life (creative teams, external agencies and multi‐channel team)
・Closely follows the monitoring of the campaigns with the MCE Specialist Ongoing management, who is day‐to‐day in contact with the Sanofi teams, and who builds campaigns into Adobe
・Cares for the timely production and delivery of content from each team members involved
・Ensures perfect alignment between Multi‐channel Managers’ requests (strategy) and the Service Center (technical support) according to marketing requirements and channels specificities ・Ensures content consistency among channels
・Is responsible for testing before launch and go live, together with the Multi‐channel Manager
・Checks that tagging & tracking solution is well implemented for each communication
・Accelerate the sharing of best practices across countries: learn and re‐apply faster and at a lower cost
・Accelerates the process of finding resolutions by identifying challenges already met in other countries and proposing solutions comparable to those used in other countries
・Provides best industry practices on Adobe
・Has a consultancy role and is in charge of identifying issues and upcoming challenges

※過去にジェイ エイ シー リクルートメント取り扱いの求人にエントリーされた方は、担当のコンサルタントまで直接お問い合わせください。
勤務時間 8:45 - 17:30
応募条件 More than 3‐year experience in digital marketing in non‐pharma industry. Ideally having 1~2‐year experience of digital marketing in pharma industry
Strong knowledge and understanding of healthcare regulated environment
英語能力 流暢 (TOEIC 865点以上)
年収 日本・円 800万円 〜 1300万円   
給与に関する説明 エントリー後、求人紹介時にご案内いたします
休日 【福利厚生】
サノフィ健康保険組合、ラ・メゾンルーム、メディカルルーム、共済会、住宅支援、退職年金制度、子育て・母性保護支援、介護支援、財形貯蓄、保険、福利厚生倶楽部、持ち株制度、The Association、フレンドシップサポート




株式会社 ジェイ エイ シー リクルートメント/JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd.




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