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Online game engine programmer/game industry/Seisyain(正社員)@Shinjuku-gyoen

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株式会社グローバルパワー / GLOBALPOWER Inc.
企業名 会社名非公開
株式会社グローバルパワー / GLOBALPOWER Inc.
クリエイティブ(広告/出版/放送/映像関連) - クリエイティブ(ゲーム/映像/音響/撮影)
IT関連(その他) - その他
業種 ゲーム関連
勤務地 アジア 日本 東京都

仕事内容 <Online game engine programmer>
You will be in charge of network game development.
Especially, the introduction of the tool to develop an online game. After the introduction, you will do customer support and follow up.

・Programming self-developed communication middleware & integrated server package.
・Add function, maintenance, responding customers' request.
・Programming sample and demo
・Customer support as a person in charge of overseas.

The development environment is below.
・Plateform :Linux(CentOS、Amazon Linux)、Windows、iOS、Android、PS4
・Game engine:Unity、UnrealEngine4、Cocos2d-x
・Languages :PHP、Ruby、Python
・Database :MySQL、AuroraDB
業種: IT・通信・インターネット / ゲーム関連 / Game&VR business・Middleware business
設立: 2013年
資本金: 1000万円以上1億円未満
従業員数: 11名以上100名以下 (うち外国人社員数10名)
売上高: 非公開円
事業内容: 1. Game&VR business

We develop and maintain a network game(consumer&smartphone), VR contents.

2. Middleware business

We develop, maintain and support network middleware.
勤務時間 Working hour:
5 days in a week(Mon to Fri)
10:00 ~ 19:00
Break hour:1hour
Overtime work:sometimes(10 hours/month on avarge:Overtime work occurred before deadline and when trouble happened. )
応募条件 Requirements:
・English : native level
・Japanese : conversation level
・Knowledge with programming(C++, C#)
・Experience to develop a game

・Japanese : business level
・Experience to develop a social game using by PHP
・Experience to develop a game using by Unity

・Those who has curiosity and are willing to try new things and technologies.
・Those who love playing online games and network games.
英語能力 ネイティヴレベル
日本語能力 日常会話
年収 日本・円 250万円 〜 750万円   
給与に関する説明 Remuneration:
Annual salary:2.88 million- 7.2 million(without bonus)
Transportation:Covered(up to 25,000 yen per month)
Bonus:one month
Raise up:once a year

Social insurances
休日 Holidays:
Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays
Summer holidays, New years holidays, Paid holidays
Annual holidays(including all days off):121 days
契約期間 Employment type:
正社員 (seisyain: permanent employee)
最寄り駅 Location:
東京都 Shinjuku-ku
Closest station:Shinjuku-gyoen駅 2 mins walk away

Online game engine programmer/game industry/Seisyain(正社員)@Shinjuku-gyoen