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Metro Manager

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株式会社 ジェイ エイ シー リクルートメント/JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd.
企業名 社名非公開
株式会社 ジェイ エイ シー リクルートメント/JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd.
電機(電気/電子/半導体) - 評価/テスト
建築/土木/設備/不動産 - 技術系(建築/土木/設備)
IT関連(その他) - セールスエンジニア
業種 半導体・電気・電子部品メーカー
勤務地 アジア 日本 広島県

仕事内容 As a Metrology Equipment Manager, you are responsible for optimizing area tool performance in accordance with Fab15’s Business Plan, Strategies and Goals.
This includes working in partnership with world‐wide teams on tool performance improvement and cost saving activities.
You will be required to guide and develop area equipment engineers to achieve technical expertise in tool installation, qualification and maintaining high tool performance.
You also be required to mentor and manage the performance of direct reports.

■Responsibilities and Tasks
・Direct tool upgrades, area wide maintenance scheduling and reporting of performance metrics
・Engage your team, along with the Site Cost Manager, in cost reduction activities
・Direct Copy Smart Team (CST) actions for worldwide collaboration on tool issues and performance improvement
・Guide equipment owners in conducting root cause analysis and creating plans for scrap and excursion abatement
・Work closely with vendors to resolve tool problems, and defect issues as well as maximize tool availability
・Manage, measure and monitor projects to ensure deliverables and time frames are met
・Develop challenging performance targets and effectively communicate to individual contributors
・Collaborate with other areas to address all yield and reliability issues related to area tools
・Actively engage with Fab Central Team (FCT) Key Equipment Group (KEG) and global counterparts on equipment issues and industry direction
・Partnering with Purchasing, Facilities, Contractors and Vendors to buy and install new equipment
・Collaborate with Real Defect Analysis (RDA), Process Integration (PI) and Yield Enhancement (YE) to address all yield and reliability issues related to area tools
・Conduct performance management and professional development of direct reports
・Partner with engineering operations team to resolve issues and enable efficient communication
・Actively encourage Values driven behaviors and responses to issues
・Promote and enable a safe and positive working environment
・All team members are required to complete their learning items within the stipulated time frame

・For business process and/or QMS component that one is responsible or accountable for:
a) ensuring the QMS/business process that is effective and conforms to requirements
b) ensuring that the processes are delivering their intended outputs
c) reporting on QMS/business process performance and opportunities for improvement to management
d) ensuring the promotion of internal and external customer focus throughout the organization
e) ensuring the maintenance of the integrity of the QMS/ business process when changes are planned and implemented.
f) ensuring customer requirements are met

※過去にジェイ エイ シー リクルートメント取り扱いの求人にエントリーされた方は、担当のコンサルタントまで直接お問い合わせください。
勤務時間 8:30 - 17:15
応募条件 ■Education
Bachelors Degree or equivalent experience
‐Degree in engineering, physics, or a related science field, or an equivalent
‐Related field of study

4 years experience in any of the following:
‐Fab engineering experience in leadership position is preferred

2 years experience in any of the following: ・ Metrology, Process Integration, Process Engineering, and Electrical Failure Analysis

・Knowledge and understanding of Statistical Process Control (SPC), process control and its reaction mechanism
・Ability to mentor and manage the performance of direct reports
・Demonstrated success in developing and promoting technical expertise
・Proven ability to make sound data‐driven decisions
・Excellent verbal and written communication skills
・Excellent analytical and data gathering skills
・Able to provide clear and useful insight on mechanical solutions
・Solid understanding of the baseline NAND process flow as it relates to area equipment
・Able to present highly technical data on tool and area performance to small and large groups
・Successfully sets the behavioral example by being proactive, jumping on the problems, communicating openly, and taking responsibility
・Strong ability to drive complex projects to completion
・Proven ability to solicit feedback, accept input and analyze success/failure
・Proven ability to identify, understand and mitigate risk before making critical decisions
・Demonstrates and promotes Fab10 Values
・Recognized as a resource by both production and engineering
・Demonstrated ability to partner successfully with other groups and build strong peer relationships
・Demonstrated success in troubleshooting problems and addressing root causes
・Demonstrated ability to be self‐motivated and able to motivate a team toward common goals
英語能力 日常会話(TOEIC 475-730)
年収 日本・円 800万円 〜 1300万円   
給与に関する説明 エントリー後、求人紹介時にご案内いたします
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