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Sr Technical Lead, Distribution & Marketing System Dept

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Ahead Group

Ahead Group
IT関連(オープン・WEB系) - プログラマー
IT関連(オープン・WEB系) - プロジェクトマネージャー
IT関連(組込み/制御系) - プログラマー
業種 ITコンサルティング
勤務地 アジア 日本 東京都

仕事内容 Job Responsibilities

As a Sr Tech Lead, you would be working on our newest endeavors on emerging set of technologies. Work seamlessly with business teams to rapidly create, deploy, monitor, and operate applications.

Incorporate Design Thinking principles and an ethnographic approach to transform customer experience.
Work with peer architects, product development, IT, and business operations members to understand environment and needs.
Rapidly innovate through design, build, and deployment of applications using cutting edge technology stack and evolving DevOps processes.
Implement continuous integration processes to support automated deployment, monitoring, management, and incident response to a cloud environment.
Use cutting edge practices in continuous integration, automation and test-driven development to improve efficiency as well as system availability.
Conduct code reviews as part of the workflow process to ensure proper test coverage, efficient software design and execution performance
Monitor & analyze application performance with the ELK stack and take action through code refactoring, query tuning, Capacity planning, etc.
Keep track of new technology trends and actively suggest new tools and technologies to support dynamic business needs.
応募条件 Qualifications

Ability to understand and empathize with customer needs.
Ability to solve operational issues through engineering automated solutions.
An understanding and passion for developing highly secure and highly available systems.
Experience with cloud platforms, preferably Azure.
Excellent knowledge of Unix/Linux system and tools.
Experience building service-oriented solutions using MicroServices.
Experience with system monitoring/alerting tools, ie: Zabbix, Nagios, New Relic, Graphite, Splunk.
Experience in virtualization/container (KVM, VMWare, Docker, etc).
Familiarity with operations like backups, restoration, and access management.
Experience with release and configuration management (Subversion, Git).
Develop sustainable integrations with message-oriented middleware like RapidMQ
Familiarity in working with ELK stack

Skill sets and technologies

Modern JavaScript (ES2016/2017)
Modern CSS (Flexbox)
One of JS frameworks: ReactJS, EmberJS or AngularJS
One of the scripting languages: Ruby or Python
Git or Subversion
Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (Teamcity, Jenkins, etc)
Functional Languages one of (Elixir, F#, Scala, Closure, Haskell)
Cordova / PhoneGap
Native iOS or Android development
Apple push network API, Google cloud messaging API
One of CSS frameworks: SCSS / Less / CSS next / PostCSS
Experience of deploying applications on cloud environment like Azure (preferred) or AWS
Good to have experience integrating social media feeds (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc) by using REST APIs exposed by those platforms.
Good to have knowledge of cross browser testing tools like Cross Browser Testing.
Good to have knowledge of Elastic Search, Logstash and Kibana stack.

Educational Qualifications

Bachelor or Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering
英語能力 ビジネス会話 (TOEIC 735-860)
日本語能力 ビジネス会話(日本語能力試験2級又はN2)
中国語能力 なし
年収 経験と能力に基づく   

Sr Technical Lead, Distribution & Marketing System Dept