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Features Engineer (Active Safety)

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T.A.O Group K.K.( Stepfirst )
企業名 会社名非公開
T.A.O Group K.K.( Stepfirst )
機械(自動車/プラント/精密機器) - プログラマー(制御系)
機械(自動車/プラント/精密機器) - ソフトウェア設計(制御系)
IT関連(組込み/制御系) - プログラマー
業種 自動車・輸送機器メーカー
勤務地 アジア 日本 神奈川県

仕事内容 Features Engineer (Active Safety)

Develops and produces Active Safety Sensors & Systems for various automotive applications.
In order to market the system functionality to OEMs (Car Manufacturer), the Active Safety Feature Engineer participate in the feature development (Algorithm logic) as well as validate and analyze the system performance in real world environment following V cycle development process.

The position objectives are to:
Work together with customer (OEM) on Feature requirement & design (e.g.: In the case of Radar, Blind spot warning performance, in the case of Vision, the reliability).
Design & Implement additional functionalities or customer changes according to ALV processes.
Analyze the Feature performance issues against the design specification (Identify root causes).
Propose and Implement Logic improvements and Parameter tuning for the features till final mass production performance level is reached.

In order to develop outstanding performance feature for the OEM and follow automotive development process. Active safety features engineer needs to:

Understand Sensor Performance & Limits:
Each type of sensor ‘Camera, Radar, etc use different physics and the feature built with it need to take account of each sensor advantage and limitation.
Also integration in OEMs vehicle make additional challenges to reach optimum feature & system performance
Learn about sensors:
Hardware (sensing element),
Software, (CAN, architecture)
Mainly Features (Logic, Concept, Source Code, Improvement)
· Align sensor integration in the car, according to integration guidelines and customer needs.
· Understand impact of sensors in overall system (Vehicle and/or Fusion)
· Continuous learning to follow technology evolution and new market needs.

Feature Development:
Each project is unique and Feature development need to be supported (Customer, Other ALV team)
Coordinate Feature Requirement and Design with internal and external stakeholder needs.
Propose actively solutions to improve the feature to meet expected performance, by the way of:
Parameter tuning
Logic fix & development (embedded development)
Follow Feature & Function development process
Develop long term improvement or new feature for later generations.
Concept creation, Prototyping & Feasibility study
Implementation in customer project till mass production level.

Evaluation of Feature Performance:
In order to evaluate the Active Safety system performance, together with the Product Assurance team, the Active Safety Feature Engineer will elaborate effective test method and support the execution to use the result as input for next improvement loop of the feature.
Provide input for Feature Validation Test plan creation.
Join testing with the PA team when necessary (Gemba attitude)
Analyse data to understand issues root cause.
Report feature performance to Customer and Internal Stakeholder.

Communication channels:
The Active Safety Engineer will work within the AEJ Active Safety team in order to define priorities and the broad technical activity plan, and will be in close contact with the others local Active safety development teams (Product Assurance, Software, Mechanics etc…), Project Managers and Core development centre for Radar/Vision/ADS. He/she will report as well progress and issues to AEJ Active Safety Team.

The Active Safety Engineer will report to the local Feature and Function Manager
応募条件 Education:
Master in Electronics, or Applied Physics or equivalent.

Computer tools:
Standard competence: Office pack, internet
Software experience: CAN analyser, Matlab, Simulink, Stateflow, Dewetron, ADTF,
Development environment: IDE (Visual studio, Eclipse), JTAG
Programing experience: C/C++, Embedded Software, Model Base development

Good level of English command required (TOEIC>700)

Personal attributes:
Needs to be curious to seek technical issues and resolve them. The candidate needs to be proactive and take initiative for work environment improvement and problem solving
The candidate needs to be results minded and focused on maintaining tasks on schedule through his own task management.
Should be available for business trip to customer and other ALV locations.

The candidate must be committed to:
· Thorough processes
· Team spirit
· Results minded behaviours
· Methodical approach
· Logical Thinking
· Respect of commitments
· Total quality
英語能力 日常会話(TOEIC 475-730)
日本語能力 日常会話
年収 経験と能力に基づく   
給与に関する説明 Social Insurance
Commuting/Transportation Allowance
休日 Five-Day Workweek
Paid Holidays
契約期間 Permanent

Features Engineer (Active Safety)