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【外資最大級】CREATIVE PLANNER 英語を活かせる/外資系大手クライアントを担当

  • 直接採用
  • スタッフレベル
  • 女性が活躍
  • 服装自由
  • テレワーク
  • 年間休日120日以上
  • 年末年始休暇
  • 完全週休2日制
  • オンライン面接
  • 英語を活かせる
  • 外資系企業
  • 急募

株式会社 アイアンドエス・ビービーディオー

株式会社 アイアンドエス・ビービーディオー
クリエイティブ(広告/出版/放送/映像関連) - 編集/コピーライター/記者
業種 マスコミ・広告・出版・印刷・放送
勤務地 アジア 日本 東京都 中央区

仕事内容 I&S BBDOは創業以来70年以上、日本で培ってきた知見と世界有数の広告会社グループ「オムニコムグループ」との資本提携によりトータルなマーケティングサービスを提供する広告代理店です。

Job Objective
The Position is responsible for producing innovative ideas for advertising campaigns in all kinds of media including Television, Radio, Digital, Poster, Press, Direct and Total Work with the supervisors in addition to leading all copywriting and related expertise

Key Responsibilities
Concepts/ Ideas
• Meets with Client Service Teams, Strategic Planners and concept partner to discuss client’s requirements.
• Works closely with the creative team to generate creative ideas and concepts to fulfill the client’s brief. Brainstorms with the team and coordinates with the producers to determine feasibility of ideas.
• Meets with the Creative Director / Client Service Team before presenting ideas to clients.
• Presents work to clients.
• Revises work when necessary.

Production Supervision
• Briefs members of the creative service team for pre-production.
• Manage and supervise overall shooting and production process by directing Creative Services or outside creative staff.
• Reviews final works to determine if it conforms to standards and specifications. Reviews and approves proofs of printed copy and art and copy materials developed by staff members.
• Designs different concepts and coordinates with Creative Services for story boards and key visuals and develops websites with respect to usability, site architecture and current technology.

Other responsibilities
• Performs all other necessary tasks that may be assigned by the Department Head from time to time.
I&S BBDOは、1947年に設立した「(株)第一広告社」が前身です。
創業以来70年以上にわたり日本の市場で培ってきた知識・経験をいかしながら、1998年、世界有数の広告会社グループ「オムニコムグループ」と資本提携し、世界81カ国289拠点で活動する世界トップクラスの広告・マーケティング会社のネットワークである「BBDO Worldwide」の一員として、トータルなマーケティングサービスを提供しています。

勤務時間 9:30 ~ 17:30
応募条件 Looking for candidates who are fitting our core value:
1. Makes the work better
-Makes the creative work better
- Provides better service than competitors
- Provides additional values that go beyond client expectations
- Does the job more effectively and efficiently
2. Client Love them
-Improve client satisfaction survey score
- High agency evaluation
- Trust-based relationship with client
*People on non-client facing work or back-office staff:
Client = Employees (“Internal clients love them”)
3. We not me, oriented
- Solve conflicts within a team
- Can work well with other departments
- Can leverage each member’s strength and improve overall team capability
- Cooperate and support with each other in order to achieve the goal
4. Hand Raiser, not a finger pointer
-Be proactive, raise your hand and direct members to the right position
- Do not blame responsibility on others – take responsibility
5. Radiator not a drain
- Energize, and NOT drain others
- Proactively speak up and energize the rest of the team
- Embrace diversity of opinions and move forward the discussion positively
- Be constructive in thinking
6. Present well
- Can logically and convincingly communicate your ideas and thoughts by covering important points
- Can present well by including your own opinion
- Communicate effectively by checking the listener’s
reaction and level of understanding
7. Possesses healthy paranoia
- Always think about a solution for the worst possible scenario
- Always think ahead and prepare with an alternative idea
英語能力 ビジネス会話 (TOEIC 735-860)
日本語能力 ネイティヴレベル
年収 経験と能力に基づく   
給与に関する説明 ・健康保険組合
休日 土日、祝日、年末年始(12月30日~1月4日)、傷病休暇、バースデー休暇
契約期間 年間契約社員
最寄り駅 都営地下鉄大江戸線「勝どき」駅下車A2出口(月島側)より徒歩8分





株式会社 アイアンドエス・ビービーディオー




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【外資最大級】CREATIVE PLANNER 英語を活かせる/外資系大手クライアントを担当