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[English Native Welcome] iOS Engineer/40-miliion-user Media Development

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株式会社エージェント/AGENT, Inc.
企業名 会社名非公開
株式会社エージェント/AGENT, Inc.
IT関連(オープン・WEB系) - モバイルアプリエンジニア
IT関連(オープン・WEB系) - プロジェクトマネージャー
IT関連(オープン・WEB系) - WebアプリケーションSE
勤務地 アジア 日本 東京都

仕事内容 ◆Recruitment background
TRILL continues to grow into a large-scale service with 40 million monthly users.
However, we feel that it is still in its development stage, and we will aim to create products that can generate even greater value with a medium- to long-term perspective.

If you're an iOS engineer who wants to work in a small team with the discretion to grow our existing services and create new value, please apply!
About TRILL: https://trilltrill.jp/

◆Job description
・Design, development, testing, and delivery of iOS app for women's services
・Improvement of development environment for iOS app, automation, and improvement of test and release flow
・Coordination and negotiation with stakeholders regarding iOS app requirements and specifications
・High fidelity prototype development by design prototyping
・Operation of growth measures using tools such as Firebase
・Data acquisition and analysis using SQL
・Dissemination of technical information to the outside
・Solving other organizational and technical issues (If you're interested)
dely, Inc. is a company that provides information related to "food" such as recipe videos and services aimed at solving problems in "food and living."

In the main recipe video business "kurashiru", we aim to be a "service that is close to people's lives" and send out content such as recipe content. In April 2020, we won the No. 1 position in Japan in terms of the number of users (both web and apps), the number of app DLs, the total number of SNS followers, and the number of recipe videos.

"TRILL," a media for adult women, has won the number one monthly user number in Japan, and publishes various contents such as fashion, beauty, romance, fortune-telling, and lifestyle. By adding "TRILL" to the service, the total number of monthly users including "Kurashiru" has exceeded 40 million.

As of October 2020, the number of employees is about 140, and the average age is 29 years old. Members have various previous jobs such as engineers, creators, marketers, and cooks. What I am aware of in internal communication is to create a flat and open environment. The management has professed that they will "give up their seats to those who are more capable than themselves," giving everyone an equal chance.

◆ Culture
It is said that "one-third of life is work", but dely is characterized by a high awareness of time. In order to minimize the number and time of meetings, we thoroughly implement "30 minutes in principle". At the same time, in order to effectively utilize the limited time and strengthen the bonds between members, we have set up many events that promote communication, such as club activities and watching the Hakone Ekiden by volunteers.
勤務時間 Work Hours
・Flextime: Core time 10: 00-16: 00, Flexible time: 5: 00-10: 00, 16: 00-22: 00
・Scheduled working hours: 8 hours a day (average)
応募条件 MUST
・Experience in iOS native app development using Swift
・Experience in using libraries with CocoaPods/Carthage etc.
・Knowledge and experience in UI development using Auto Layout
・Experience in team development using git and Github

・Experience in developing and operating native applications with a large user base
・Experience in writing unit tests/UI tests for iOS
・Knowledge of iOS application architecture
・Knowledge and experience in performance optimization
英語能力 ビジネス会話 (TOEIC 735-860)
年収 日本・円 500万円 〜 1000万円   
給与に関する説明 社会保険完備
休日 完全週休2日制(土・日・祝祭日)
契約期間 Full-time employee
最寄り駅 Tamachi/Tokyo

[English Native Welcome] iOS Engineer/40-miliion-user Media Development