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The iPad Creators Club2011.01.24

    When you use the word creator in Japan in association with work, many people assume that the work involves artistic or graphic design, something in the arts, or unconventional work bordering on unemployment.


    Tell that to Steve Jobs, or any of the significant number of people who look up to Jobs as a model of innovation and creative work leading to massive business success. Carmine Gallo is one person who noticed this and did something about it, writing two bestselling books in short succession which show us how to model Steve Jobs and Apple’s success.


    The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, and The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs are a working model of how to learn this process, and apply it wherever you are, and regardless of whether you consider yourself to be a creator. In fact these two books break it down into principles and practices, based on the author’s extensive research with Apple employees, and people who have worked closely with Steve over the last 30 years, and shows clearly how anyone can be more creative in their approach to work and life.


    Carmine himself has put these principles to the test, and this is why he is hired as the Communications Coach to CEOs in many of the world’s leading companies, through his business at


    I was extremely fortunate then when Carmine Gallo granted me a personal video interview ( on the occasion of my founding, and on the day before our launching the iPad Creators Club on January 20 at the Apple Store in Ginza. We are also a registered Authorized Apple Users Group, and our website is


    The purpose of the club is to provide a platform for iPad users, as well as people with an iPhone who are seriously thinking about getting an iPad, to learn more about this magical device, and how to use it enhance your creative abilities in your work, learning, or lifestyle.


    My vision for the club is to produce a venue where creative people can gather and exchange ideas, meeting in creative spaces and cafes in Tokyo; much as Picasso, Hemingway, Sartre, Oscar Wilde and many other artists and thinkers gathered at the historical cafe on the Left Bank in Paris, Les Deux Magots (The Two Chinese Merchants)


    Many of the artists that frequented Les Deux Magots kept notebooks in the famed Moleskine tradition, as do creative people today. Moleskine has even created a cover for the iPhone and the iPad which can also dock a Moleskine notebook.


    Our purpose is to bring creativity to a new level as an iPad user. Meeting on a monthly basis, we plan offer members three major benefits:


    • ・introduce new iPad Apps that can enhance creativity, presentation, and innovation

    • ・explore innovative real world uses of the iPad for work, learning, and lifestyle

    • ・offer members an opportunity to present their own stories and uses for the iPad


    The stimulation of the group meeting at various creative spaces and cafes to exchange ideas and demonstrations will help participants become informed and expert at using the iPad, with practical benefits in improved presentation and innovative ideas.


    We will follow the principles that Carmine Gallo recommended that we use, so we have a high-quality standard to aim for, as well as a meeting place and website on which to showcase our discoveries. The site is there for members and non-members to enjoy.


    My personal feeling is that if used well, the iPad can facilitate your ability to present and think more creatively, and have an immense amount of fun in the process.


    Of course we know there are other tablets and other smart phones out there. We make no apologies. We are an Apple Users Group, and we are already raving fans. We welcome beginners, students, and people from all kinds of backgrounds, and we appreciate that competition from other products will only make all of them better to our benefit.


    As a new group, though we have the capacity, we need to address the issue of how to deliver events and information in a partially bilingual format, but for now, it may depend on the needs and contribution of participants.


    Our next meeting will be on March 10 (Thu), and for details on where we will meet, how to join, and on current and future activities, please visit the site at


    William Reed


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    William Reed

    William Reed is a renowned author-speaker who coaches physical finesse and flexible focus for a creative career path. A certified Master Trainer in Guerrilla Marketing and 7th-dan in Aikido, he combines practical wisdom of East and West to help you learn personal branding at the Entrepreneurs Creative Edge.

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