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Does your Energy Profile Match your Wealth Profile?2009.05.18

    It seems natural to pursue a career path by starting with what you can do, and working toward what you want to do. Focusing on what you do for a living is the average approach. Unfortunately, it leads to average results.


    Do you ever feel out of synch with what you are doing? Does what you do for a living really represent who you are, or want to be? You can gamble your precious time and energy in hopes that you will hit the job jackpot. But this seldom happens. Ending up in the wrong job creates problems for everyone concerned.


    There may be nothing wrong with the work itself or the people you work with. But how long do you think you will last, if your job description places you where you don’t belong? You could suffer the angst, and complain about your situation. You could find ways to shake off the stress, or numb the pain. But these approaches are not sustainable, and perhaps this is one reason why people change jobs so frequently.


    You could learn from experience. But depending on experience to discover who you are, is like digging yourself a hole so that you can practice climbing out of it. Hopefully you don’t dig yourself too deep!


    On the other hand, if you focus too much on yourself instead of what you can contribute, you risk becoming irrelevant to the people who can pay your way. You don’t want to end up energetically unemployed!


    The challenge is how to match your energy profile to your wealth profile. Can you find a way to get paid well, doing what you enjoy most and are good at? Is there a way you can discover your profile, find your flow, and pursue your own creative career path? According to Roger Hamilton, author of Your Life Your Legacy and founder of Wealth Dynamics, the answer is yes.


    Roger has taken a Jungian perspective on personality type, and enhanced it by showing exactly how this affects your ability to create wealth and share it with others. He developed an assessment called the Wealth Profile. The questions explore your personal style, preferences and strengths, and this results in a diagram that shows your energy and wealth profile, as well as your area of strength among the 8 Wealth Profiles: Creator, Star, Supporter, Deal Maker, Trader, Accumulator, Lord, or Mechanic.


    Sometimes circumstances demand that you work outside of your preference or strength. Realize however, that you can only be in flow and create real value when you are working within your Wealth Profile. Knowing this can help you be more productive and energetic in your work. Wealth Dynamics takes it a step further by showing you exactly how. Each profile is illustrated in the behavior and best practices of well-known billionaires and entrepreneurs. This provides a blueprint for how you can create and leverage tangible value. Once you know your profile, you can make better decisions and move in the right direction. This can save you vast amounts of time and energy, compared to pursuing your career by trial-and-error.


    Perhaps your aim is not wealth, so much as security and balance, to feed your family and have a life that extends beyond the office. In today’s economy, even this can be a celebrated achievement. Wealth has many dimensions including, but not limited to how much money you have. What does it profit you to gain a fortune, if you lose your health or peace of mind in the process? Whatever your definition of success, you will be much more likely to achieve it if your energy and wealth profiles are well matched.


    Roger Hamilton defines your actual Wealth as, “that which remains if all of your money is lost.” Think about it. Where would you be without your health, family, and friends? How incredibly valuable your enthusiasm, talent, and education? The way to create sustainable multidimensional wealth, is to leverage your value by working in your profile. What succeeds for a person in another profile will not work for you, and vice versa. Many wealth gurus proclaim their method as the fastest path to success. Their method might be right for them. However, by understanding where you are on the Wealth Dynamics Square, you can understand how, or even if their message is relevant to you. Save your strength by climbing the right mountain.


    It takes more than a label to help you find the right job or career. Knowing your profile is only the first step. Having a balanced team of people in each of the profiles can be a catalyst to success in any business or career. As a common language it can connect employers, employees, and entrepreneurs.


    The place to start is by finding out if your energy matches your wealth profile where you are right now. You can find out how, and get your profile in either English or Japanese, by clicking on Wealth Profile or Wealth Dynamics, under the list of Expert Resources at William Reed

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    William Reed

    William Reed is a renowned author-speaker who coaches physical finesse and flexible focus for a creative career path. A certified Master Trainer in Guerrilla Marketing and 7th-dan in Aikido, he combines practical wisdom of East and West to help you learn personal branding at the Entrepreneurs Creative Edge.

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