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Tips For Hosting Business Events2015.07.14

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    Hosting business events is a fun way to show customers and partners the human side of your company. It’s also a way for employees and business contacts to relax, have fun, and do something different. While planning a successful event isn’t rocket science, there are a few things that you absolutely must do.You need to think about the purpose of the event. Are you hosting the event to thank your existing customers and attract new ones? Are you launching a new product and aiming to create buzz among influential people? Are you raising money for charity? Are you trying to get media coverage? There are hundreds of reasons to host a business event, you have to be very clear


    Appeal To Your Target Customer.

    When deciding what type of event to host, think about the lifestyle, interests and daily challenges of your customer base. If your company sells high-end shoes for elegant business people, consider a tasteful event that is appropriate for the main demographic. It’s important to develop a great guest list. Compile a list for both people you don’t want, and people you want. If it helps you to achieve your objective, consider inviting reporters, bloggers, photojournalists, entertainers, politicians, and other people in the industry


    Partner With Other Businesses 

    Partnering with a non-competing business with a similar clientele is called “piggybacking.” Thissort of partnership can be mutually beneficial. It forges stronger alliances, cooperation, and trust. Most importantly, it mayreduce some of the budgetary restraints because you’re sharing the burden with a partner. Bringing in outsiders into the planning stage also brings different company culture and way of thinking to the table. A collaborative event can be a success as two heads are better than one.




    This is crucial. Does the venue have enough seats? Do they have the right catering you need? Do they have enough space to accommodate your group? Do you need a stage? Make sure the venue has the AV equipment you need. Make sure they have easy access for everyone. Is it near a station? Is there enough parking? Does the venue provide a memorable view or atmosphere? Also, create a timeline for events from start to finish, but make sure it’s flexible in there are problems.


    Provide Excellent Service

    This is a chance to interact with your customer in a more relaxed environment (remember, you’re not actively trying to sell anything). You staff should put on a smile. Offer to help people who look lost. Strike up conversations with people who are standing alone. Introduce guests to other guests and make it your staff’s first priority that everyone has a great time. actually, you have to really go the extra mile. Make sure they leave with good memories.


    Gather Contact Information And Follow Up

    Having guests sign in at arrival is a great way to give out name stickers, but it’s also a great place to collect names, e-mail addresses, and other information. After the event, it’s very important to follow up. You can send a thank you via e-mail, but nothing makes a stronger impact that an actual printed thank you note. It’s nice to include a QR that link to professional photographs of the event the guests and browse online and relive the night.


    Have a Contingency Plan

    Lastly, you must prepare for the unexpected. Imagine you have a speaker who gets sick suddenly. Occasionally, venues have to close. Even the most simple things can go wrong. Is your timeline flexible enough to be altered at the last minute, moved around or have something removed entirely?




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