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Use your English / language skills as a bilingual to find work in Japan in a variety of in demand fields such as IT, Marketing and Hospitality.Expand your horizons and learn new skills and culture whilst gaining invaluable experience.

At, we have a wealth of information for jobs in Japan and how you can make the most of your skills and experience.

For those with bilingual skills looking for work in Japan, please refer to the below list of jobs, or refine your search further. has plenty of jobs in Japan for bilinguals so let’s search to find your perfect matching job in Japan!

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Desired salary : JPY - Japanese Yen/ JPY 2500K− JPY 3500K

Language preference :English

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Job Description

HR generalist with primary focus on compensations/benefits and payroll.

・60% compensation/benefits and payroll specialist duties and 40% recruitment duties
・Performing HR duties with a focus on responding to Shakai Hoken, compensation/benefits, and payroll inquiries
・Working with and forming relationships with internal management teams to know the ins and outs of their departments and better understand their hiring needs and job specifications
・Enhancing and utilizing the database to be able to refer to candidate information when recruiting ...

Job Description

[Business description]
We will solve your problems by telephone, email, chat, etc. according to the situation.
There are various customers, such as those who travel overseas from Japan, those who come to Japan, and those who travel between other countries.
We will entrust you with total support from situational understanding to problem solving.

<Example of inquiry content>
・ I want to know how to book a flight
・ I want to change the reserved flight
・ I want to know the flight schedule
・ I want to hear about the mileage system
・ Sheet ...


Asia Japan Osaka Osaka


JPY - Japanese Yen JPY 3000K - JPY 3500K
(Monthly Salary Range: JPY - Japanese Yen JPY 250K - JPY 291.667K *Divided into12 month )

Japanese Level Daily Conversation Level
Job Description

[Job Responsibilities]
- Collection and maintenance of HR data systems, and employee information
- Producing regular reports on HR metrics and KPIs
- Assisting with digitization of historical data
- Ensuring that data is entered correct and stored securely
- Assisting with the development of forecasting models for HR succession planning
- Participating in HR operations and staff support

Job Description

Talent Acquisition/Human Resources with primary focus on the recruitment life cycle and communication.

【Job Responsibilities】
・60% recruitment lifecycle operations, 40% general HR operations.
・HR tasks, mainly dealing with applicants, scheduling interviews, checking communications and reporting results.
・Working with and forming relationships with internal management teams to know the ins and outs of their departments and better understand their hiring needs and job specifications
・Enhancing and utilizing the database to be able to ref ...

Employer Ahead Group
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

Ahead Group is seeking talented individuals to join our dynamic environment for the position of Internal Recruiter.

Job Requirements:
• Be the first point of contact for candidates, and work closely with in-house hiring managers throughout the recruitment and onboarding process.
• Collect information regarding roles and job descriptions from in-house managers and keep them updated in a timely manner regarding current hiring status.
• Assist to build a quality-based candidate database of high quality candidates as assembled from various dat ...


Asia Japan Tokyo Minato


JPY - Japanese Yen JPY 3000K - JPY 3500K
(Monthly Salary Range: JPY - Japanese Yen JPY 250K - JPY 291.667K *Divided into12 month )

Japanese Level Native Level
Job Description

• Providing solutions to the incoming customer queries by telephone, e-mail and chat.
• Accountable for maintaining a high level of professionalism with clients, & working to establish a positive relationship with them.
• Sometimes required to use some level of judgement in defining solutions, adapt existing process, and escalate critical or more complex queries to the next level for resolution.
• Have the ability to deliver quality work in a fast paced environment.
• Understand client policies and guidelines.
• Attend and solve doubts c ...

Job Description

NISADE’s facility management team carries out full maintenance work to the Vale Rusutsu. We are looking for new facility management staff for The Vale Rusutsu.

【Job Scope】

• Maintenance and preservation of all owned and managed facilities and equipment, and repair of defective parts
• Constantly in a position to handle and solve any emergency cases and carry out maintenance tasks.
• Follow the annual working schedule (daily, weekly, monthly and annual routine)
• Carry out maintenance for electricity, internet, piping, ventilation, ...

Job Description

We are looking for a full-time Kitchen and Restaurant Staff

【Job Scope】

• Ensure tables, chairs and dining areas are clean and sanitary
• Replenish inventory of small items, tableware, and condiments
• Checking food inventory and placing orders
• Preparing food
• Work with the front of house staff to ensure that all guest meal requests are served on time
• Perform and assist with other kitchens/front desk duties as requested
• Deliver and collect Bento boxes
• Sales to acquire new customers
•  Tally sales
• Openi ...

Job Description

2022年より、国内大手の技術者派遣企業 VSNとの経営統合を行い、アデコの積み上げた信頼と実績、

この度、第二新卒・未経験可のポテンシャル採用枠として未経験OKのエンジニア人材を正社員募集いた ...

Job Description


 お客様への対応は英語、業務内でのや ...

Job Description


■財務:財務資料の作成、契約書類(英文)準備、管理など■経理:仕訳伝票入力、入出金管理、預金残高管理、経費精算、国内外業者宛経費支払(インターネットバンク)手続きなど ■総務:書類作成、ファイリング、電話・来客対応、VISA申請手続き、勤怠管理、各種管理業務など
★英語を話すスタッフも在籍のため英会話が ...

Job Description


【入社後の教育体制】スタッフと一緒に、現地の日本 ...

Job Description


・会議の通訳  ・既存システム/端末の運用管理業務
・クライアントからの要望ヒアリング ・資料の翻訳
実際の開発作業は委託先ベ ...

Recruiter 井上リボン工業(株)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description


【具体的には】■当社製品の基準書の作成■当社製品の検品結果の集計、解析■お客様から依頼のあった事項についての 現場確認、報告書の作成。★未経験者でも先輩社員がスケジュールに沿って指導し ...

Job Description


で実行し企業の採用成功を目指します。熊本BPOセンターでは採用オぺレーションの実行や中型顧客の営業機能を担っています。【業務詳細】採用候補者連絡窓口・選考進捗管理/採用者管理シス ...

Recruiter (一財)国際ビジネスコミュニケーション協会
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description


【具体的には】コールセンター業務を中心とした顧客(受験者)の日常対応および企画業務、テスト会場の開拓・価格交渉、受験者のデータ処理、試験官への業務指導、研修会の企画・実施 ...

Job Description

高品質な日本の中古車を輸出販売している当社で、売掛金管理業務をご担当いただきます。【仕事内容】顧客に販売した車の請求書を作成、代金回収方法確認、支払い確認、輸出関連書類の送付、会計システム操作 等。

現在、パート社員が弊社から国内の会社への支払いを対応し、正社員が顧客のCredit Controlを対応しております。今回ご入社いただく方には両方の業務を覚えていただき、広く業務に携わっていた ...

Job Description

Casetify is looking for a passionate Influencer Marketing Associate (Japan Influencer Marketing) to join our team.

【Job Description】

・Conduct influencer research, pitching and gifting on social media platforms
Support all social influencer programs including building long term relationships and seasonal activations
・Monitor and track coverage and posts, organize and keep up of Influencer Database, managing and executing highly administrative tasks including gift arrangement and updating reports
・Continuously experiment with more effi ...

Job Description


その他、自社開発システム ...

Job Description


【当社について】三菱重工業(株)と直接取引し、安定した実績を維持しています。現在では、AI・IoT等の時代の変化に伴い、システム開発部門において(株)カネカ等の企業との取引も行っています。も ...

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